The famous YouTuber “Lina El-Hani” was killed in a traffic accident, and the audience was in shock, Al-Masry Al-Youm

11/08 17:02

In the past hours, the news of the death of the famous YouTuber Lina Al-Hani, following a terrible traffic accident in the State of Kuwait, spread on the Kuwaiti local media.

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The famous YouTuber Lina Al-Hani is my sister Kuwaiti actress Sarah Al-Hani, and search engines have witnessed during the past hours a wide activity in the search for more details of the horrific accident suffered by Lina Al-Hani, in which she was killed, according to media reports.

According to what was reported by the media and medical reports, Lina Al-Hani died as a result of her car colliding with another on the highway, which led to her death immediately after the accident.

Lina Al-Hani is one of the activists on social networking sites, in the State of Kuwait, and has a large number of fans and followers through her personal pages on different social networking sites, and she is a mother of two children, and she is very interested in the work of her sister, the Kuwaiti artist Sarah Al-Hani, in addition to her work on the social network, Medina. Also the manager of the LUXURIA store.

The last thing Lina Al-Hani published yesterday on her account via Instagram, was a personal picture of her, to become after a few hours of condolences and the shock that afflicted her followers after the announcement of her death.

The news of Lina Al-Hani’s death caused a sensation among Kuwaiti society, and many commented on the news of the death, calling for her mercy, forgiveness and bliss of paradise. May God give patience to the heart of a product, my love.

Another of her followers commented, “There is no sweetness or strength except in God.. Lina Al-Hani is in the protection of God.. Oh God, Tony, I have seen her for a month.. God will have mercy on her and forgive her for the kindness of the heart.. God wipes the hearts of her daughters and her family.”

I love you a lot, Lina.

May God give patience to the heart of my daughters, my love

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