The 20 most beautiful poems about Saudi National Day 1444

The date of a special day in the Kingdom is approaching, which is the National Day, and that is why many are searching for the most beautiful poem about the Saudi National Day 1444. Every citizen of it must know what that day is and what the event that made it special in order to celebrate it. Today is the 23rd of September.

The most beautiful poem about Saudi National Day

He mentioned the nature of the National Day and the unification of the Kingdom and its importance for all citizens. Therefore, many poets of the Kingdom wrote some poetic verses, including:

O homeland, as long as your pride is high and religion is a biography

We did not like your land, we live and we love its riches

I belong to you and I am proud of a person whose land is an island

Who blames the one who loves you or makes her boil?

O Saudi, but your name does not shine in every monastery

By God, it is a crown that is greater than her age

A people, a constitution, and a nation that is irrigated by the abundance of goodness

Neither our lack of judgment nor our forgetfulness of those who built it

From your north to your south, every inch has another

I envy you, may God help him, I don’t know that he did not forget her

He takes care of you despite his anger, oh Yashin, the insight

Where do you leave his eyes, he comes back and remembers her name

Every letter you wrote other than your name, consult it

Where are you?

What do you love, my country, without doubt and without confusion?

Every sweat we didn’t seek, he said beats from its boil.

Oh, I ransom you with feelings, or my soul has ammunition for you

You didn’t want us from the first, how did you get into anything else?

May the generous Lord protect you from difficult difficulties

O Manar Al-Haqq, who lost his rights to meet her

As long as Abu Miteb leads you, I will follow your paths

And the citizen on his right is a line that we do not want but it

What do you love, my country, without doubt and without confusion?

Every sweat we didn’t seek, he said beats from its boil.

Oh, I ransom you with feelings, or my soul has ammunition for you

You didn’t want us from the first, how did you get into anything else?

A poem about the Saudi National Day 1444

Citizens celebrate the annual National Day to commemorate the unification of all the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the green banner. Among the most prominent tribes that united are the Hijaz, Najd and others. One of the poets narrated a poem about the National Day, which is:

Yes, we are the Hijaz, and we find

Here is glory for us and there is glory

We, the Arabian Peninsula, redeemed it

And redeemed by arrogance and regret

As we went to the north, I grew up and smelled

And we to the south grew more intense

A poem about the Saudi National Day

A poem about the Saudi National Day

Poetry verses about Saudi National Day

One of the most manifestations of patriotic love is the commemoration of the National Day. Among the poetic verses that were received on that day are the following:

What precedes your joys and your day heralds

In our hearts, a feeling cannot be touched until the morning with your soil (Ya homeland) other than

From you, shine and shake hands with our souls, the light, our kingdom, a kingdom of love and goodness

A heart that includes every human being fair between the rich and the poor

Whoever loves her sees him losing, ruled by the king and the prince

And the Saudi has always been in his land, where Abu Miteb is the great leader

And the Sultan of the Shield of the Nation made it easy

Protecting our homes from every evil, raising the banner of monotheism for a long time

I ask God Almighty, may they always live well and safe

Spreading the earth, roses and fragrances, and protecting our homes from every traitor

By the law of God, their rule is always easy

They promised us that you see the confusion of our kingdom in which there is much good

There are men who serve her in goodness, and he testifies to her goodness, even the youngest

Every soldier in the protection of your land is awake, I love you, my country, a prisoner

And all in your land, oh homeland, two lovers covet your land, oh homeland, a large crowd

Protected by the king and the crown prince, the sultan of those who oppress your land, a great evil

May my Lord perpetuate him with fire. Pray with me to make our land well

And by the rule of the House of Saud, the homeland is Omran

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The best poem about the national day

The words of this poem carry within it the patriotic feelings and belonging to it because it is the motherland. Therefore, we present the best poem, which is:

My country is not like it in the universe is a country

The kiss of Islam in it and the message

God loved him and chose his messenger from her

It spreads monotheism and destroys misguidance

And my country is accepted by the good

Spread his mind to me who is tired of his mind

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A poem about the National Day in Al-Fusha

The National Day is the day that illuminated the ray of freedom over all Saudi lands. Among the most beautiful poems about that day are as follows:

My country has the purified Sharia ruling… The truth ends the revolution of grudges

My dear country, in it is all love… that rises above all blackness.

My country is good in its tracks… and pervades despite the clutches of envy

People who have perpetrated and oppressed our land… They shoot the arrow of death into the heart of my country

However, despite the difficulties, it is important… It rises at the invitation of the worshipers.

Clinging to their religion, and turning to God, the One of Honor and Glory

To preserve the honorable people and their land… and maintain the security of religion and bodies

And the plotters of the plotters respond by slaying them… Away from those who have gone astray to the approach of the Hadi

My homeland.. I made you a shrine in Hashai… and I built walls around you

Your remembrance has been raised by a guarded dome… with obsessions in my wings, my nights

In the Al-Rihan Newsletter every night… Al-Shatha radio has news.

Live with the size of love in it… The chirping of birds contradicted a creed and a motto

Poetry about King Salman’s National Day

In view of the distinctiveness of the National Day, which made happy and united all residents of Saudi lands under one banner and one word: There is no god but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God. King Salman mentioned some poetic verses about that day, which are as follows:

God is the first and your honor, O homeland, is the second for the people of the island, peace and obedience to the king

We are the soldiers of the guards of the commander who builds his spear, his shield, the sheikh’s palm and his arm

Like swords of water, and if the offender reaps, he strikes the necks of the greedy home with them

From Ban Abdulaziz and we became that we no longer accept the darkness of the night even for an hour

In peace, it bears witness to the life of the nation, and in war, our souls die as their sellers

We are the fence of the homeland for all aggression, and the army and security are in force and glory and its sails

The most beautiful poetry about Saudi National Children’s Day

Instilling national values ​​and principles in children that make them appreciate the importance, protection and love of the homeland, and that is desirable for all parents and families is to raise children on these precious values. Among the most prominent poems that the children said are as follows:

My country desires it in my tongue and in my blood, my heart glorifies it and my mouth prays for it.

There is no good in one who does not love his country, nor in an ally of love if he is not an orphan.

And if I long for you, my homeland, and if you put me through adversity with your love,

You are the sperm and the hadith when morning dawns, and my delusion if the sun is ringing.

How can I forget you in the evening and me, when you have a heart that is dependent on love?,

I don’t care, and you said hello to the Father, forever if I get sad.

Written poems about the Saudi National Day 1444

There are many poems that were mentioned in the annual celebration of the National Day every year. The poet Sultan Al-Otaibi said:

Your face: “Good morning” on a miserable morning!

Because he ; After his Lord “he sees you in safety”

O inheritor of glory.. the happiness of all concerned

Your sword: opponent of injustice; prevents its time

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The most beautiful 20 poems about the Saudi National Day, as it is one of the most important days in which a revolution for the better occurred in Manama. The regions of Najd and Hijaz gathered under the green banner and announced the cohesion of these regions, and in return for that gathering, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the celebration of that day and called it the Saudi National Day.

We have provided you with the most important information about the 20 most beautiful poems about the Saudi National Day 1444. We hope that we have benefited you. Contact us through the comments below the article and we will respond to it as soon as possible.

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