Before her differences with her two daughters… Who is Laura Emad and how did she talk about her husband, Sherif Mounir | news

Actress Laura Emad surprised the audience by revealing that there are differences between her and her two daughters, Farida and Camelia Sherif Mounir.

Laura published a video in which Sherif Mounir appeared with their two daughters and wrote to send a letter of reproach to them for leaving her and choosing another life and other people.

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Laura Emad opened the door to rumors to increase rumors about her divorce from the artist Sherif Mounir and the separation of her two daughters from her.

It was a surprise to Sharif Mounir’s audience, as he has lived a stable life for 20 years with his wife, Laura, who bought art for this stability, which was made clear in her reproach to her two daughters and how much she sacrificed for them.

Laura Emad, Sherif Mounir and their two daughters

In March 2021, Laura Emad appeared on the program “The Women Don’t Know They Lie” and talked about her decision to stay away from art and said: After Farida, I found myself entangled in a great responsibility, and I didn’t have anyone to help, often when one represented someone to help, but this was not available to me.

And about her husband, Sharif Mounir, she spoke, saying: I was young and thirsty, and I used to go crazy a lot, and I took a period of my life, and it is normal because of age, and Sharif changed after marriage for a period that he would not have, I change for the better in many things for me, and it does not make me feel jealous.

Laura Emad and Sherif Mounir

And Laura, after her departure from art since 2001, then she returned to acting again in 2021 in the story “And I Forget My Spirit and You” from the series “My Share and Your Division”.

Born on January 1, 1972.

Laura Emad

I initially worked as an advertising model.

Laura was not aspiring to become an actress.

Laura Emad

The coincidence came at the hands of Tariq Al-Telmisani, who was the director of photography for one of the advertisements he had photographed, and presented it to producer Sami Al-Adl.

Her first screen appearance was through the movie “The Hero” starring Ahmed Zaki.

Laura Emad

-She participated in the drama “The Other Man” with the artist Mervat Amin in 1999.

Laura Emad in her early days

– Her participation in the movie “The Pleasure Market” came in 2000.

Laura Emad

Her last screen appearance was through the movie “If It Was A Dream” in 2001, before she retired to devote herself to her family.

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