Ibrahim Tatlises miraculously survived a horrific accident, and the fate of his daughter is unknown (photos)

Turkish artist Ibrahim Tatlis was involved in a serious traffic accident in the Turkish city of Bodrum, on Thursday, after his car collided with a truck and overturned on a highway.

Rescue teams went to the scene, and rescued the artist Tatlises and his young daughter Elif, who was with him in the car.

The pictures documented that the car was badly damaged, while Turkish reports stated that the artist Ibrahim Tatlis was conscious and able to speak, and demanded his help in getting him out of the vehicle by means of a crane.

Reports interested in Turkish celebrities also added that the artist was rescued with difficulty from inside the car, and appeared to suffer a foot injury, and the fate of his daughter was not identified, at a time when she was said to be in a serious condition.

Ibrahim Tatlises’ name appeared in the public’s talk through the communication sites, as soon as the pictures of the accident that he suffered were circulated, amid calls for a speedy recovery for him and those who were with him.

Rumors had spread from the accounts of Turkish tweeters indicating the artist’s death, but they were immediately denied.

It was also reported that Tatlises’ vehicle had slipped out of control, collided with the truck in front of it and veered off the street into the valley.

One of the tweeters said: “The damned accidents are chasing the Turkish artist Ibrahim Tatlis, who was involved in a traffic accident and miraculously escaped from it a while ago.”

It is noteworthy that the Turkish artist Ibrahim Tatlitz was previously exposed to three assassination attempts, the last of which was in 2011, which led to his paralysis, and it was reported that the reason was the artist concluded several deals and contracts with contracting companies in Iraq specialized in the field of tourism and restaurants.

Ibrahim Tatlis is one of the most prominent Turkish artists; His albums have achieved great success, and he reappeared on the scene last May, after he tried to perform the song “Aramam” with his daughter Dylan during the “Ibo Show”.

The song is considered a return for Tatltus to sing, after a long hiatus of 11 years due to an assassination attempt and a bullet wound to the head that paralyzed him.

Ibrahim appeared trying to sing, amid great encouragement from the audience and the band, which made him cry, as he appeared in the video shedding tears.

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