How much is the Toyota Yaris Ativ 2023 price in Saudi Arabia

What is the price of the Toyota Yaris Ativ 2023 fourth generation, which has evolved in terms of exterior design and was provided with equipment including front and rear fenders, which are supposed to reach the Saudi market soon, the car has gone through many stages and developments to reach the new fourth generation, and is similar in interface design The front is with the Toyota Avalon, while it was distinguished by its larger size than the sizes of the previous versions, and was characterized by a comfortable interior space for passengers. It has a character of boldness, learn about its most important specifications and the price of the Toyota Yaris Ativ 2023 in the following.

Toyota Yaris Atv 2023 specifications

Toyota Yaris Ativ 2023 Toyota Yaris Ativ

The design of the new Toyota Yaris Ativ is characterized by a sporty and elegant character, with bold muscular side accents that suggest strength and luxury, and Toyota has been keen to modify the interior space of the car to provide comfort, in addition to the interior design that is characterized by elegance and luxury. Which is similar in design to artificial leather and its luxurious soft touches; Therefore, it offers the driver and passengers both comfort and practicality, in addition to its electronic and mechanical advantages.

Toyota Yaris ative 2023
Toyota Yaris ative 2023

Toyota Yaris Ativ 2023 specifications

The car operates on a front-wheel drive system through a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters, which generates a power of 93 horsepower, and is equipped with an automatic CVT transmission, and a torque of 110 Nm. In addition, it is equipped with 3 driving modes, including fuel economy mode , the normal mode, and the mode that reaches the maximum efficiency of the engine work, which is known as the sport mode, and its external dimensions in terms of length are 4425 mm, while in terms of width is 1740, while the height is 1480 mm.

How much is the Toyota Yaris Ativ 2023 price?

According to the car’s specifications and features commensurate with the needs of the driver and passengers, and to support all safety and security specifications, the company has set the price in dollars to reach $15,300 and up to $19,500. As for its price in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has not yet been determined, while experts and car specialists estimate it at a value starting from 57,000 Saudi riyals and 73,000 Saudi riyals.

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