Who is Zina Al-Murabi, who died with George Al-Rassi?

Many questions arose about the identity of the young woman, Zina Al-Murabi, who died with the Lebanese artist, George Al-Rassi, at dawn on Saturday, after they had a terrible collision on the Lebanese-Syrian border, during their return from a concert that the artist performed in Damascus, on Friday evening.

According to the circulating news; The young woman, Zina Al-Mara’bi, was born in 1984 in the Lebanese city of Tripoli. She is married and has three daughters. She is a close friend of the artist, George Al-Rassi.

The information added that Zina Al-Mara’bi appeared with Al-Rassi on more than one occasion, organizing his artwork, and what unites them is just friendship.

Zina’s passport, which documents her information, was published on social media.

Zina’s picture sparked a state of great sadness for the public through the communication sites as soon as it was circulated, especially as she left three daughters to her, as she appeared with them during the celebration of one of the occasions, and a follow-up commented: “The picture made me cry, even though I did not know Zina, she left three roses and left, may God give her family patience and kindness.” with girls.”

Another added: “An abnormal crying situation occurred to me after I saw a picture of Zina and her three daughters. She died and she was hungry, waiting for their mother to come back. She died while she was sleeping at 5 in the morning, because when they woke up, they were waiting for her call, or she surprised them with her return to the girl in the morning, Uncle stories A role in my head about touching scenes.”

The artistic community in Lebanon and Syria, as well as the public, were devastated by the death of the artist, George Al-Rassi, following a terrible traffic accident on an international road in the Bekaa region, east of Lebanon, on the border with Syria.

According to the information transmitted, George Al-Rassi “slept” while driving the car coming across the Syrian border; What led to him crashing into a large wall on a highway at the factory and his death instantly, along with the young woman who was with him.

Immediately, the security forces came to the scene and opened an investigation to find out the circumstances.


On Saturday morning, the General Directorate of Civil Defense reported on Twitter that two people were killed when their car collided in the cement separator at the Masnaa border point – Bekaa.

In its tweet, the Lebanese Civil Defense did not specify the identity of the two victims, noting that its members used “hydraulic rescue equipment” due to “the car’s structure was severely damaged as a result of the force of the accident.”

Meanwhile, the official Lebanese National News Agency reported that Al-Rassi, 39, “died after his car crashed into a median barrier in the Masnaa locality, at the point separating the Lebanese and Syrian borders, while he was coming from the Syrian border.”

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