Who is the girl who died with George El Rassi and what is their relationship?! (See)

Who is the girl who died with George El Rassi and what is their relationship?! (See)
Who is the girl who died with George El Rassi and what is their relationship?! (See)

homeland Questions were raised on social networking sites about Zina Al-Murabi, the girl who died alongside the Lebanese artist, George Al-Rassi, in a horrific traffic accident at dawn on Saturday, while returning from Syria to Lebanon, after reviving a concert.

It turned out that the girl who died in the accident was called Zina Al-Marabi, and she works as a special coordinator for George Al-Rassi’s work, manages his web pages, and was with him to celebrate the ceremony in Syria.

According to Al-Nahar website, Zina Al-Marabi was born in Akkar in 1984, and she is a mother of three children. She is the daughter of a retired colonel in the Public Security, from the town of Ayat Al-Akaria, and a resident of Tripoli.

Al-Marabi has appeared with Al-Rassi on many occasions and parties, as she coordinates his artistic dates from concerts and festivals, and manages his pages on social networking sites, while their friendship dates back for many years.

The death of Georges Al-Rassi and Zina Al-Murabi

On Saturday, Lebanese media announced the death of the artist, George Al-Rassi, in a painful traffic accident on his way back from the Syrian border.

According to the “we love Lebanon” website, the Lebanese artist, Georges Al-Rassi, passed away; His car crashed into the middle barrier on the international road separating the Lebanese-Syrian border.

The website pointed out that the woman, “Zina Al-Mara’bi” from Tripoli, was in the car that Al-Rassi was driving from the Syrian border, and she also died.

The website indicated that the Civil Defense personnel, the center of the factory, worked to pull the two dead people from inside the car, and transported them to Taanayel General Hospital.

After the news was circulated, the micro-blogging site “Twitter” buzzed with the “George Al-Rassi” tag, as many tweeters, especially Lebanese celebrities, expressed their shock at what happened, offering condolences to his sister, artist Nadine Al-Rassi.

Big glitch on the way

In this context, the Lebanese “YASA” association said that a major defect in the absence of protection on the middle divider had a major role in the tragedy that occurred at dawn on Saturday and led to the death of artist Georges Al-Rassi and the young woman, Zina Al-Marabi.

The association published, through its official account on the “Facebook” website, a video from the scene of the accident, after removing the car and its wreckage. And he showed a major defect on the road, due to the presence of a barrier in the middle of which the late artist’s car collided.

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