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Moroccan “Cha Ta Ra” wins the Cairo Festival for Experimental Theater award

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The Moroccan show “Sha Ta Ra” by Thefsouine Theater Company in Al Hoceima won the award for the best integrated show at the 29th Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre, which ended Thursday evening at the Egyptian Opera House.

The show derives its name from the first stanza of the names of its three heroines, Shani, Talia and Rabia, who find themselves inside a refugee camp in the West after each of them went through a different journey of suffering to escape oppression and violence within her community.

The director of the show, Amin Nassour, won the award for best director, and the team won the award for the best collective performance, jointly with the team of the show (Hydraus) from Austria.

The Best Actor award went equally to Osama Kashkar for the show (The Last Time) from Tunisia and Abdullah Al-Hamoud for the show (The Sixth Column) from Kuwait, while the Best Actress award went to Maryam Bin Hamida for the show (The Last Time) and Shaima Shukri for the show (Erak). from Egypt.

And he won the award for the best scenography, showing (halos) from Egypt in equal shares with the show (factory reset) from Iraq.

The jury awarded five certificates of appreciation to each of the actor Abdullah Sultan for his outstanding performance in mime in the show (Hellaws), Faloul Al-Kandari and Fatima Al-Amer for writing and Dramaturg (The Sixth Column) from Kuwait, and the show team (football players) from Mexico for their excellence in the popular theater Social, and a work team (Through the Waves) from the United States for its excellence in body language, and a theater group (Illusion) from Italy for its harmonious kinetic performance.

The jury was formed under the chairmanship of the Egyptian theater director Khaled Galal and the membership of the Italian director Danilo Cremonti, the Swedish director Leo Kolborg, the Jordanian actor Ali Alyan, the Polish scenographer David Kozowski, the Kuwaiti critic Nermin Al-Houti and the English researcher Richard Talbot.

In the competition for short performances, ranging in length from 15 to 30 minutes, the show (Exit) by the Institute of Dramatic Arts in Cairo won first place, and the second place was a show (Somewhere) by the Institute of Dramatic Arts in Alexandria, while the show (her name was a female) by the General Authority for Cultural Palaces in the third place.

The Best Actress award in this competition was won by Rajwa Hamed for (Retaining the Honey), Best Actor Ibrahim Kamal for (Flawed), Best Director Muhammad Yousry Khalifa for (Exit) and Best Author Muhammad Yahya Hassan for (The Last Seal), while the award went to Special Jury for the show (Transitors) Produced by Studio Moroni.

The closing ceremony of the festival, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Nevin Al-Kilani, included the distribution of prizes for the “Theater Club” competition, which was created in the previous session to highlight the experimental performances in the Egyptian governorates.

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