Building materials: Iron bar price drops by about 10%

Building materials: Iron bar price drops by about 10%
Building materials: Iron bar price drops by about 10%
  • No new price changes until the end of November

The price of the iron bar begins a downward curve, after experiencing several increases since the beginning of the year. However, other materials cost more. Overview.

“Prices have fallen internationally due to weaker demand. As a result, the trend is also following on the local market”, indicates an importer.

Indeed, it is currently necessary to count around Rs 53,000/Rs 54,000 per tonne against Rs 56,000/Rs 58,000 per tonne a few weeks ago. “This price will be maintained until the end of November”, underlines our interlocutor.

At operator level, we closely monitor any fluctuation in the price of materials. Gérard Uckoor, the president of the Association of Small Contractors, is not happy, however. “Material prices fluctuate so much that this drop can only be temporary,” he argues. Hence his recommendation that the State Trading Corporation import iron bars and cement as it does some staple foods.

“There needs to be some price control on these materials. Thus, individuals will not have to find an additional budget to continue the work,” says Gérard Uckoor.

Cement: stable price

  • Grade 42.5 Between Rs 173 and Rs 175 for a 25 kilo pouch.
  • Grade 32.5 Rs 165

Iron bar: between Rs 83 and Rs 325

  • 6 mm Between Rs 83 and Rs 85
  • 8 mm Between Rs 203 and Rs 215
  • 10 mm Between Rs 317 and Rs 325

Evolution of the import of iron and steel

Import of iron and steel 2020 2021 2022 (January to June)
Amount 133,000 tons 244,000 tons 74,000 tons
Import value Rs 3.81 billion Rs 6.26 billion Rs 3.18 billion
Source: Statistics Mauritius.

Macadam, rocksand, block: higher prices

One of the main suppliers has recently revised upwards the prices of its products. The increase would be around 10% on macadam. Ditto for the rocksand and the building block. Customers can, however, take advantage of the unchanged prices from another main supplier.

Macadam Between Rs 500 and Rs 685 per ton
rock sand Between 735.04 and Rs 940 per ton
building block Between Rs 26 and Rs 28 (6 inches)

The most expensive formwork wood

The wood used for the formwork, which is mainly imported from Madagascar, has seen its price soar. It takes Rs 145 for a board against Rs 80/Rs 85 recently. “Prices will go up again in a week or two,” says an importer.

In addition, plywood, which is imported from Finland and New Zealand, has experienced a 25% to 35% increase globally.

“If the freight has dropped from Rs 12,000 to Rs 8,000, the price of plywood has however increased. As a result, at the local level, we cannot really apply a reduction. The price of a sheet of plywood (18 mm) is therefore maintained at Rs 2,450”, says our interlocutor.

*The prices mentioned fluctuate depending on the region.

Slow sale

Gloom reigns in hardware stores. “The sale of materials has gone down. Households give priority to food,” notes Karun Surujbhali, manager of Quincaillerie Belle Ville.
Fatwimah Dobir, Accounts Clerk at Quincaillerie Brick Hardware Ltd, observes that since last month, sales have declined. “It’s because of the successive surge in material prices. However, we expect an improvement in sales starting in December, when people will have their end-of-year bonus,” she said.

As for Hemraj Ramphul, owner of the H.Ramphul hardware store, he recorded a 35% drop in sales. “We expect, however, a recovery from October when the Mauritians will carry out renovations and other works,” he concludes.

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