Judged in Nyon (VD): The dad: “That’s someone who’s crazy, it’s not me!”

Judged in Nyon (VD): The dad: “That’s someone who’s crazy, it’s not me!”
Judged in Nyon (VD): The dad: “That’s someone who’s crazy, it’s not me!”

Wednesday August 31, 2022: the Nigerian defendant is already serving his sentence at the Croisée prison in Orbe (VD). He has been in prison since the end of March 2020. We see him here leaving the Court of Nyon (VD).

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A dozen federal binders and facts that span from late December 2017 to March 2020, when he was arrested. Musa* has been in the justice system for a short decade (assault, blows, fights), but this time the alleged violence would have turned against her two little boys, born in June 2015 and December 2016. This is at least the central point of the trial which is played out over two days in Nyon (VD). And who should primarily occupy the District Correctional Court of La Côte. Against all odds, the judges preferred to first liquidate the case of the financial victims, bamboozled by this house painter whose companies were going bankrupt.

Complainants in tears

Several complainants. Defendant’s ex-girlfriends, girlfriends-turned-relatives, others who pushed him away after he was ‘hired’ as babysitters while serving semi-detention (note. night in prison) and that he had custody of his children by agreement with the mother from whom he was separated. All of them were cheated, prosecuted by his fault. In court, they are in tears and, above all, ashamed of having blindly trusted him. During this time, the Nigerian usurped their identity, falsified contracts, offered villas and luxury accommodation, drove an Audi Q8 without a license. “You have to let me work. For that, I have to be outside. I made mistakes. I was dumb. I am ready to repay them, ”promises the accused.

Exemplary father-in-law

Then it was the turn of a plaintiff. Not just any. The companion of Musa’s ex-wife, the stepfather of the toddlers, now aged 7 and 5 and a half. Innocent, the holy man was dragged through the mud and slandered by the African national who reported him to justice for sexual touching. “I was wrong, I recognize that it is wrong, concedes the dad, today we made peace.” Peace thanks to a step-dad who withdrew his counter-complaint and went so far as to bring his little ones to him in prison: “I wanted to clear my honor and I wanted to stop anything that could affect their stability. They are happy to see their father. They are also called. We have to wipe the slate clean.”

“His children, his priority”

The punctual psychologist (7 or 8 sessions between 2014 and 2018) of Musa, the only witness called to the bar (!), came to talk about her claustrophobia and her fear of confinement. A childhood trauma induced by a neighbor who kept him with his twin brother while his mother worked and kidnapped them. “He had suicidal thoughts, no other disorder. Her children were her priority,” she says. “He was the one who made the move. He wanted to free himself from this phobia. He is a very polite, very correct, very motivated, very gentle, kind man. He never got angry. He was credible, ”continues the one who says she ignores what her former patient is doing in the dock today.

Psychopathic traits

Touched upon in the debates, the judicial expertise is more alarmist: significant concerns about his behavior in the past towards his children; strong suspicion of neglect and probable abuse, possibly unintentional due to his cognitive limitations; overt psychopathic traits with lack of self-control; inappropriate sexualization around children. According to experts, Musa could harm them mentally or physically without supervision and as long as the clinical picture has not improved. The specialists also conclude that there is a significant reduction in criminal liability and recommend institutional therapeutic measures within the meaning of Article 59 of the Penal Code.

“That’s all wrong, pff…”

The main charge – the alleged abuse of his boys – will therefore be heard last and quickly. Musa, you mustn’t jostle him too much, otherwise he’ll start to stutter. Stress and trauma. He disputes everything. On this specific point, however, the delivery is more fluid. Faced with the curator, he has the answer to everything: “I did 200% well, I treated them well. The indictment is all wrong. I hurt my eldest with a remote that I threw at his mother. She fell on her forehead, pff… It was an accident. I never raised my hand to them. I will never accept that”. Threatened with expulsion, he already warns the court “that he will not leave Switzerland without them”.

“We turn arround”

Did they sleep in his offices? Hearing minutes in support, the defendant is not disconcerted: “The police misunderstood the French that came out of my mouth”. The chronology of domiciles? Complicated. The number of (young) nannies when he returned to sleep in prison? Variable. Sending photos of his anatomy to two of them? “I got confused and it wasn’t my penis. I am not a psychopath. I have girlfriends,” he insists. Six confirm, however, to have been flirted with, to have had to look at photos or videos of a sexual nature or to have had relations. “Everything is wrong, it was a clip of a singer on YouTube”. “We are going around in circles”, finally points out the president of the committee, Lionel Guignard.

“Dad hit me”

Prosecutor Marlène Collaud to seize the rest. Regarding the facial injuries noted at school on the cadet and his statements: “Dad got angry. He hit me. But it doesn’t hurt“. Musa: “He was at the park with a nanny, he fell. He hit his cheek against a ping-pong table. It was I who told them to tell the mistress that it was me”. Why? We won’t know. His alcohol consumption which is reproached to him? “Never, only Café de Paris (Editor’s note of 7% sparkling wine). And the foundation to camouflage the lesions? “It was invented.” The magistrate to reply: “It’s your ex (note. not the mother) who says so”. And to push the plug further by evoking certain elements of his clinical picture. The defendant’s response may be the answer: “That’s someone who’s crazy, it’s not me!”

The trial continues with the indictment and the pleadings. The verdict is expected Tuesday, September 6.

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