Lady Diana: did astrology predict her tragic accident?

Lady Diana: did astrology predict her tragic accident?
Lady Diana: did astrology predict her tragic accident?

Lady Diana has left a sweet memory in the collective memory. Adored by the British people, as by the rest of the world, the Princess of Wales is still today a figurehead for defenders of human rights and feminism. At the same time popular, enigmatic and inaccessible, she will have sadly marked history after her tragic accident on August 31, 1997, exactly 25 years earlier. In this regard, this day seems marked by certain astrological events. How, then, did astrology influence the course of his life?

A loving and sunny personality

If we rely on the birth chart of the Princess of Wales, we see that her sun sign is that of Cancer. The sun sign is the placement that most represents a person. This is the sign you give when someone asks you what your astrological sign is. Cancers being very loving people, turned towards their home, one can guess the maternal and protective temperament that Diana had for her sons, Harry and William. A gentleness that is found in his way of communicating, with a placement of Mercury in Cancer.

The Ascendant, you may not know it, represents how others perceive us. With a Sagittarius ascendant, it’s no wonder that Lady Diana’s fiery and adventurous personality made an impression. Sagittarians tend to be in the spotlight, despite themselves, thanks to their natural aura. With a Moon in Aquarius, and many placements in Libra, we can also understand his thirst for freedom and his desire not to remain a bird in a cage within the royal family.

Lady Diana: disturbing placements in the 8th house

In terms of her emotional life, Lady Diana’s Venus was in Taurus. It is clear that the planet of love also dominated its Midheaven. No wonder she is known for her beautiful adornments and taste for fashion. On the other hand, her ex-husband, Prince Charles, Scorpio ascendant Leo, has somewhat upset her birth chart. Even more strikingly, the Astrothème site, which specializes in the study of astral charts, took a close interest in the date of death. If her accident took place at 0:21 a.m., Camilla Parker-Bowles’ rival died at 4 a.m.

August 31, 1997 was marked by rather dangerous celestial transits: In particular on the side of Pluto, Mars and Saturn in opposition, without forgetting the Black Moon in house 8, sector of crises and deaths. The position of Uranus and Mars in this sector is often associated with unforeseen events, but also with breakdowns and traffic accidents… Although Lady Diana’s tragic accident cannot be summed up in astrology, the stars were few favorable that day. That said, astrology is not totally opposed to free will and is in no way inevitable. Rather, see the position of the stars as a warning of imminent dangers.

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