Paid parking for two-wheelers comes into force today in Paris, and will shake up habits

The French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) has done the math: coming to work in Paris every day on two-wheelers can cost between 2,230 and 3,200 euros per year. LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP

The measure has been postponed so many times that the tens of thousands of Parisians who ride motorcycles or scooters seem to have overlooked it. But this 1er September, it comes into force: parking becomes chargeable for these vehicles that many have chosen precisely to escape both the parking meter and traffic jams, two-wheelers with internal combustion engines.

1er September, it will cost 3 euros per hour in the first eleven arrondissements and 2 euros in the 12e at 20e, the bill can climb to 37.50 euros for six hours, the price of the fine. It is twice less than for a car, but much more than in the pioneering and neighboring cities of Paris, Vincennes or Charenton. And a shock to many.

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The French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) has done the math: coming to work in the capital every day on two-wheelers can cost between 2,230 and 3,200 euros per year. CPME Ile-de-France warns of the additional cost for SMEs and their employees and of requests for teleworking ” strength “ predictable. The inhabitants of the capital and the surrounding areas are flocking to bicycles and electric scooters, for which parking remains free (even if you will have to take a ticket).

” Forced walk “

Rue de Turbigo, in the center of Paris, the Go2roues shop is always full. The address made the buzz: there are electric scooters in stock. “Sales have been increasing since January: we went from 120 scooters per month, to 200 before the summer and more than 300 in August and September: we sell one every hour”, welcomes Vincent Lafarge, the founder, who anticipated by buying a stock of 750 vehicles in June. Same observation at Super Soco, which offers a very wide range of electric two-wheelers.

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“We were thinking about changing, we’re going through a forced march, it’s not so bad”, resigns a couple, client of Go2roues. The statement annoys Jean-Luc Droux, a professional photographer: “The forced march is serious, precisely! » He does not question the objective of the measure: to rid Paris of air and noise pollution, but regrets the lack of information and the complexity of the tariffs. “I went to the town hall on 18e, no one could tell me. » And then, of course, there’s the cost of this investment he hadn’t anticipated.

With the bonus game, the cheapest Go2Roues model (equivalent to a 50 cm3) is 3,390 euros. For a more powerful vehicle, a Silence, designed and assembled in Catalonia, Jean-Luc Droux paid around 6,000 euros (8,000 euros without bonuses). And he received almost nothing on the resale of his old thermal two-wheeler.

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