A sports and community center in the Centre-Sud region becomes the Center Yvon Deschamps

A sports and community center in the Centre-Sud region becomes the Center Yvon Deschamps
A sports and community center in the Centre-Sud region becomes the Center Yvon Deschamps

MONTREAL — An 87-year-old young man gave his name to the Centre-Sud sports and community center (ASCCS) on Wednesday, thereby inscribing the already immortal name of Yvon Deschamps in Montreal’s real estate heritage.

The $23 million center which includes a swimming pool, gymnasium and a psychomotor room will henceforth bear the name of Center Yvon Deschamps.

“It’s very touching, it’s disturbing,” exclaimed the octogenarian, who showed up in remarkable shape for the event. “It’s not easy to take, a building that bears your name, you say: why me, why did they do this to me? Why didn’t they wait until I was dead?”

And so that no one has any doubts that he was joking, he added a layer of it. “Think about it, there, the problems. The mothers are all going to call me: Mr. Deschamps, your center, my little guy came back yelling. I won’t be able to sleep anymore. I’m retired. I wanted to experience tranquility. It’s not a way to put my name big even forward. It’s not the same that I’m going to be quiet, ”he declaimed in front of his laughing audience.

The Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, Gaétan Forcillo, explained that we wanted to highlight the contribution of Yvon Deschamps and the Foundation that bears his name for the financing of the organization for decades.

“At the end of these years with Yvon, we have a center worth $23 million and we don’t owe anyone a penny,” he argued, adding that “a center Yvon Deschamps, there should be having one in every neighborhood would be wonderful”.

The comedian, he insisted a lot on the work of Mr. Forcillo and could not help but return to the charge, demonstrating that he had lost none of his caustic humor. “The center should have been called the Center Gaétan Forcillo because it is Gaétan who is the project manager, but today – I am going to say nonsense – with the sensitivities of people, we said to ourselves: a center with an Italian-sounding name, a guy who managed to raise $23 million in less than 15 years, where did he get that money? That’s why we said: it’s better to let it happen, “he said, again triggering general hilarity.

The objective of the ASCCS, which was founded in 1974, is to provide opportunities for young people in the Centre-Sud district to practice sports and recreation in a supervised and safe environment. “The goal has always been to get children off the street,” Mr. Forcillo simply explained. The Center Yvon Deschamps welcomes young people who are disadvantaged, handicapped or struggling with any other difficulty.

Yvon Deschamps joined the Association in 1985 as president of the fundraising campaign and his commitment has not wavered since. His wife, Judy Richards, who is vice-president of the Yvon Deschamps Foundation, argued that “when you are a visionary, you have a lot of projects and a lot of projects, it takes a lot of money and to find a lot of money , it takes people of heart”. Mrs. Richards said she was very moved to see that the building would henceforth bear the name of her husband.

One of the main means of financing over the years has been the organization of fundraising shows by the comedian and he took the opportunity to announce that the next benefit show, entitled Yvon Deschamps Timeless, which will take place at the Casino de Montréal on September 19, will also be available via webcast on the www.comediha.tv platform.

This show, hosted by Benoît Brière, will feature fifteen artists, including Martin Matte, Stéphane Rousseau, Lise Dion and Emmanuel Bilodeau, who will perform monologues and songs by Yvon Deschamps. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Foundation.

Speaking of his texts, Yvon Deschamps maintained that these are “very difficult to learn because it is not logical. The characters start talking about something and they move on elsewhere.

He concluded with these words: “Félix Leclerc said: don’t forget that young people, people don’t come to see us, they come to see each other. So me, I’m going to get along!”

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