Solar-Paint launches heat reflective paint

Solar-Paint launches heat reflective paint
Solar-Paint launches heat reflective paint

Published on Sep 1, 2022 at 9:30 am

Painting roofs white to reflect the sun’s rays is a common practice in the United States, but not in France. With global warming, some companies are developing solutions such as International Color Group (ICG), in Toulouse, which paints very high structures, such as the EDF pylons, and carries out a diagnosis of the corrosion of power stations and factories with drones. Its subsidiary Solar-Paint has developed, after two years of R&D with the paint manufacturer Maestria, in Pamiers (Ariège), the aqueous solution “Solarcoat”.

It contains 1% recycled broken glass which reflects light, in a plant polymer resin whose recipe is not disclosed. This white, thick and very elastic paint – elongation greater than 300% – forms a film resembling a swimming pool liner which seals the roof and is fire resistant according to the BRoof standard (t3). It has a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 116.5 out of 100 and reflects 92% of the sun’s rays.

Less air conditioning

“Applied on bituminous or steel roofs that retain heat, it lowers the temperature by 5°C on average in the building,” says Michel Rouault, President of ICG. “It reduces air conditioning consumption by 15% to 25%, restores watertightness and provides fire resistance. The Solarcoat solution is produced by Maestria, which holds a license from Solar-Paint.

The ICG group installs it itself with the know-how of its subsidiary Peinture Haute Voltige, but it could market it alone in the medium term. The coating of a healthy surface is charged from 18 to 22 euros per square meter, including a third for painting, which costs three to four times more expensive than white painting of the building.

The company started with the roof of the E.Leclerc center in Perpignan Sud in February 2021, then the coating of 40 buildings in mass distribution (Leclerc, Intermarché, Carrefour, Intersport), warehouses, pharmaceutical and aeronautical companies. “We are going to paint 100,000 m2 in 2022 by achieving a turnover of 2 million euros and we want to double this surface each year for five years”, projects Michel Rouault, estimating that it is necessary to paint 500 million m2 in France.


International Color Group

Creation date : 1978

President : Michael Rouault

Turnover: 8 million euros in 2021

Effective : 125 people

Sector: paint

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