who will replace the replacements during the 2022-2023 school year?

who will replace the replacements during the 2022-2023 school year?
who will replace the replacements during the 2022-2023 school year?

“There is not only the 1er September in the life of an establishment », recalls Sophie Vénétitay, secretary general of Snes-FSU. While the start of the school year this Thursday 1er September, marked by a shortage of teachers, was wrapped up in extremis, and all eyes are now on the rest of the year. Will absences for maternity leave or sick leave (accentuated by the Covid-19) be filled, when there is already a lack of teachers at the beginning of September?

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“Even if there is a teacher in front of each class at the start of the school year, it is not certain that there will be one throughout the year”, summarizes the head of the main union of secondary school teachers, taking up the promise of Pap Ndiaye. The new Minister of National Education himself admitted this on Tuesday at the microphone of RTL: “We have recruitment difficulties which are linked to the loss of attractiveness”, but ” we are doing the best we can, in conditions that are not optimal”.

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“When there is a lack of civil servants, it is the public who toast”

Even if the teachers will be present at the start of the school year, the risk concerns educational continuity. “When we ask for positions, explains Elise Capéran, SE-Unsa national delegate, it is also to meet these replacement needs. As everywhere, when there is a lack of civil servants, it is the public who toast. » And in this case, here, the children.

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The problem is not new, it dates from “five or ten years”, according to Sophie Vénétitay, who cites the case of a third class deprived of technology for seven months last year – when the matter fell to the patent. One example among many others. “It already exists, but it may be more visible this year”fears the secretary general of Snes-FSU.

The first “shortages of replacements” are likely to appear “in the fall or this winter”, believes Elise Capéran. A period more conducive to sick leave, while a new wave of Covid-19 is expected for the fall.

“The situation is not good”

Finally, Sophie Vénétitay identifies another problem, directly linked to the recruitments for this start of the school year which were finished on the wire. “What about contract workers who are going to resign because it’s too difficult? »questions the head of the first secondary union.

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At the Ministry of National Education, it is admitted: “The situation is not good. » However, solutions are presented Rue de Grenelle, such as the exceptional competition for the tenure of contract employees in the spring of 2023 or the renewal of contracts for non-tenured employees. Regarding the impact of Covid-19, “experience has allowed us to take the lead in providing replacements”we explain.

Will these solutions be sufficient to build a pool of replacements? “We are not going to be alarmist, when it has not yet taken place”, we are reassured within the ministry.

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