is the swimming pool included in the contract?

is the swimming pool included in the contract?
is the swimming pool included in the contract?

When you take out a home insurance contract, it is always useful to check the goods covered and included. There are no less than 2.5 million French people who own a swimming pool in their garden. They are also the second in this world market, just behind the United States. But then, how do you know if the swimming pool is included in the home insurance contract and why is it important to check it carefully? Are all swimming pools covered by contractual warranties? We take stock.

Is it compulsory to insure your swimming pool?

It is part of the essential insurance of daily life; multi-risk home insurance covers many potential damagesas the government indicates(1) in its section “Mutual and Insurance”. Indeed, fires, water damage, frozen pipes, natural disasters and storms, burglary and vandalism, glass breakage are all elements covered by this insurance.

But what about the swimming pool? To answer the question precisely, it is not mandatory to insure it. Indeed, if theswimming pool insurance is part optional guaranteesit may already be present in a global home insurance formula(2). It is therefore in your interest to check this beforehand, since the compensation from your home insurance may, if the contract stipulates it, include your swimming pool. Please note that there are, however, certain special conditions.

Which swimming pools are covered by home insurance?

Inground and semi-inground or “buried and semi-buried” outdoor pools are not the only ones covered by home insurance.. Indeed, in the event of major damage, the owners of swimming pools covered with a dome, a greenhouse or veranda are also protected by this insurance.

But be careful, if you have in your garden an above-ground swimming pool or an inflatable swimming pool, the latter are not insured in the event of damage. With regard to spas and jacuzzis, the same will apply to above-ground installations. Indeed, these two relaxing pools are financially covered according to two choices:

  • By the “movable capital” of the accommodation, insured like furniture inside your home,
  • By an “outbuilding” option, when it is stored in a garage detached from your house or in a garden shed.

In the event of drowning in my pool, am I covered by my home insurance?

Protection against accidents in private swimming pools is not related to home insurance, even with the multi-risk option. Indeed, even if the entire list of safety equipment is complete and up to standard, it will be the civil liability guarantee(3) the owner of the swimming pool (present by default in the home insurance) which will then apply.

In the event of injury, drowning or serious accident to a person inside or around the swimming pool, it will therefore be up to the owner of the swimming pool(which puts the use of its swimming pool into service), to cover the costs of care for the person concerned.

Finally, here is why we must not forget to declare your swimming pool in the home insurance. It is strongly recommended to declare the presence of a swimming pool in your place of residence, inside your contract. Depending on the home insurance you choose, this statement could indeed be subject to additional pricing so that it is well guaranteed.





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