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The golden cry of Max Bertone, crowned World Champion in difficulty © IFSC

After more than ten days of competition, the 2022 Youth World Championships ended in style with two new French medals: Max Bertone won the title of Junior World Champion, while Meije Lerondel was decorated with silver in the junior category also.

The golden cry of Max Bertone!

Among the boys, the last climber to hit the wall was none other than Max Bertone, Oriane’s little brother. After masterfully dominating the semi-finals by being one of the only two climbers to complete the route, he was one of the big favorites for the world title. However, the young Reunionese did not expect such a result: “I’m really proud of myself, because I had a lot of trouble climbing in the semi-finals, I didn’t feel ready to fight”he confided.

In the final, Max seems to have managed to activate warrior mode. While the route had caused all the climbers before him to fall, our Frenchman manages to overcome all the difficulties, until he reaches the last hold. Faced with such a feat, the public exploded with joy, a few seconds before Max exulted in turn, realizing that he had just won. By clipping the belay on the route, he had just won the title of World Champion in difficulty!

“I knew I had done something right because when I hit the last hold, the whole crowd was screaming really loud, and I thought I had a great chance of being World Champion. So when I did that last move I screamed back, it was such a release from all the built up pressure. » he declared, the gold medal around his neck.

Despite his young age, Max Bertone, 15, has already taken part in more than ten international competitions. He climbed on his first podium this season, during the European Championships of difficulty which took place on July 10, where he had won bronze. Max ended the year in style, winning his first gold medal in Dallas, which bodes well for the rest of his career.

The traditional podium selfie!

Meije Lerondel vice-world champion

In girls, Meije Lerondel won the third silver medal of his career. After having already finished second in the World Bouldering and Difficulty Championships last year, the young 15-year-old Frenchwoman retains her second place in the world by winning another silver medal this year.

After taking fourth place in qualifying, she monopolized first place in the semi-finals, falling at the top of the route. In the final, the Korean Chaeyeong Kim takes off, overtaking all the climbers before her, until reaching hold 47, a small arc that she will enhance. Meije, the last competitor to start, is progressing very well on the route, until she in turn reaches this famous arch. Unfortunately, she will not be able to value her like the Korean, which will earn her second place in this competition.

Max Bertone and Meije Lerondel, our two struggling French medalists

The results of the minimal boys final

The results of the minimal girl final

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