TESTIMONIALS. Faced with soaring prices, these French people have changed their consumption habits

Since January 2021, energy prices have continued to rise in Europe, and France has not been spared by soaring gas, electricity and fuel prices. If consumers are protected until February 1, 2023 by a tariff shield, some do not hide their concerns that their bill will eventually inflate.

Despite the explosion in energy prices on the wholesale markets for 2023, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, assured that there would be no price increase in the coming months and that this increase would be “contained” next year.

In parallel with this surge in prices, an exceptional drought, which forced the authorities to impose water restrictions to different degrees, depending on the departments, to limit consumption.

After the publication of our call for testimonials on your consumption habits and your tips for reducing your bills, many of you responded to us. Here is a summary of your solutions to save money.

Unplug electrical appliances

Lucette, domiciled in Oudon (Loire-Atlantique), hunts down unnecessary expenses. “I lower the temperature of my hot water tank and I unplug my Internet box every evening”, testifies this reader from West France. “I changed the bulbs in the ceiling of the two bedrooms, the two floor lamps in the living room and I do laundry in eco mode three times a week” to consume less.

And to add that, soon, she will stop the hot water tank “every other night”. “That’s what I did in my old place and it’s very economical. » Results, “I receive my electricity consumption statement every month and from July 21 to August 21, 2022, I consumed 175 kWh. For the same period last year, I had consumed 231 kWh”. That is a drop of 24%, which is not nothing.

“We will not heat the rooms”

Ditto for Marie, who lives in Laval. This Mayennaise was pleasantly surprised to see her annual electricity bill drop by €64 this year. To do this, she disconnects her Internet box, the decoder and her television every evening. “I also unplug the kettle and the coffee maker”.

For his part, Rodolphe got into the habit of washing “cold water dishes” and turn off his boiler. “We light it only on weekends”, underlines the Sarthois who takes his showers at the gym during the week. This winter, “for heating, it will be an auxiliary heating only in the main room. We will not heat the bedrooms or the kitchen,” he specifies.

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“We have water collectors”

Virginie lives in Ducey, in the Manche department. This Norman woman tracks unnecessary water waste: “We have water collectors and I only water my plants when necessary”. Small ecological habits that allow him to drastically reduce his water consumption.

“For twenty years, we have had a solar thermal collector for hot water”, assures Jean-Yves for his part. This Breton, established in Quéven near Lorient (Morbihan), continues: “The water for the toilets and the washing machine is supplied by a well 2.5 meters deep, which never runs dry. » This individual multiplies the tricks to reduce his use of water, this resource more than ever precious.

Madeleine also has some unstoppable tips for saving money and limiting her ecological impact. “I fill the dishwasher and the washing machine well before turning them on, I only water the vegetable garden, at a minimum: the lawn and the flowers are roasted. I shower and shampoo twice a week, on other days I dampen my hair and wash with a washcloth. As I live alone, I flush the toilet less often and press the low flow button. I plan to install a rainwater collector in the garden soon. »

“As for drinking water, I have never bought bottled water: I drink tap water because it is drinkable. Recently, I still use a carafe with a filter,” adds this reader concerned about reducing her consumption thanks to a few eco-gestures.


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