TF1/M6 merger: Bertelsmann warns of fallout if deal stalls

The merger between TF1 and M6 is suspended pending the decision of the Competition Authority in mid-October. In the meantime, the leaders of the two groups are increasing the number of speeches to show the merits, according to them, of this rapprochement.

The marriage between TF1 and M6 is very complicated and it is carefully observed under the magnifying glass by the Competition Authority (Adlc) which must render its decision in mid-October. But while waiting for the final decision, the leaders of the two groups are trying to convince the various players of the merits of this merger.

An aborted project would reduce the chances of consolidation in Europe

Thomas Rabe, the managing director of Bertelsmann, the parent company of M6, told the Financial Times that if the merger could not be done, it “would set a continent-wide precedent that could hamper European broadcasters in their battle against American streaming services.”

He also added that “If the authorities do not authorize this merger, it is a lost opportunity, not only for this year but also for the long term”. It must be said that the schedule is quite tight since if the decision is not known in the coming months, the merger will not be able to take place because of the renewal on DTT. The schedule would be significantly extended.

For Thomas Rabe, global giants like Disney, WarnerBros Discovery or Paramount can only fight each other through the creation of national champions, like what could be created by the merger between TF1 and M6.

He concedes that the two groups must make significant efforts so that the merger can take place, but if it cannot take place, there is little chance that M6 will attempt a rapprochement again in the years to come.

The article is in French

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