Quiz Hulk: impossible to make a faultless without getting angry! – Cinema news

Quiz Hulk: impossible to make a faultless without getting angry! – Cinema news
Quiz Hulk: impossible to make a faultless without getting angry! – Cinema news

Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, is passing the torch to his cousin Jennifer Walters in the Marvel series She-Hulk: Lawyer. We take this opportunity to offer you a quiz on the most angry of the Avengers.

Since August 18, Disney+ has been broadcasting the Marvel series She-Hulk: Lawyer, with Tatiana Maslany in the role of Jennifer Walters. To introduce this new MCU character, series creator Jessica Gao summoned Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) aka Hulk in the first episode.

During a short family trip, Jennifer and Bruce have a car accident. Slightly injured, Jennifer regains consciousness before her cousin and rushes to get him out of the car. It is then that a few drops of Bruce’s blood come into contact with Jennifer’s wound which causes her immediate transformation.

Jennifer therefore becomes a Hulk, like Bruce, but without the disadvantages. Unlike Bruce who is forced to wear a bracelet that allows him to control his transformations – bracelet pulverized in the accident in passing – Jennifer can change into the Hulk whenever she wants. Neither fear nor anger is a trigger that causes her mutation into a green giant. Or rather semi-giant, because it is not at all the same size as its cousin.

Speaking of Bruce, can you answer the 7 questions about Hulk?

This first episode gives rise to sequences of challenges between one and the other, who is the strongest? Spoiler alert: it’s her! But Bruce insists above all on the weight of the responsibilities incumbent on Jennifer now that she has the power to pulverize anyone with a simple flick.

The latter seems rather reluctant to embrace her mission as a superheroine and prefers to focus on her career as a lawyer. But her resolve is quickly thwarted when she is forced to step in and transform into the middle of court to save the audience from a furious Titania (Jameela Jamil) with superhuman strength.

Now known to the public as She-Hulk, Jennifer will have to come to terms with her new identity and tries to somehow keep a semblance of ordinary life. And it’s not won…

The She-Hulk: Lawyer series is available on Disney+ for one episode per week.

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