Tax cuts: “a false good idea”, say the union centers

Tax cuts: “a false good idea”, say the union centers
Tax cuts: “a false good idea”, say the union centers

MONTREAL — Voters who might be tempted to be seduced by the promises of tax cuts from certain political parties should remember that we are still short of teachers and that at the height of the pandemic, it was necessary to bring in teachers. army in CHSLDs because there was a shortage of workers.

The four central labor organizations met with the press on Friday in Montreal to present their demands to political parties in the context of this election campaign.

They took the opportunity to comment on the recent promises of tax cuts or sending checks to taxpayers.

The CSQ, the FTQ, the CSN and the CSD recall the importance of public services: health care, education, childcare services, which are precisely funded by these taxes. Paying less tax will necessarily mean accepting that there are fewer public services, they argued in unison.

For the four, who together represent 1.2 million Quebec workers, the tax cuts are “a false good idea”.

“For us, it’s important: it takes permanent measures, which will help less well-off people to get out of poverty a little. The best way, of course, is to increase the minimum wage, because those who work at $14.25 an hour, as we speak…inflation and interest rates have a great impact more important on these people,” pleaded Daniel Boyer, president of the FTQ.

“We could increase social programs, improve them, we could improve social assistance, but measures that are going to be permanent and not temporary measures that put plaster on a sore temporarily and leave people in misery. thereafter,” he continued.

The president of the CSN, Caroline Senneville, added: “Do we remember that a few months ago, we had the army in our CHSLDs? Do we remember that in a rich society like ours, there are people who died in CHSLDs, not from COVID but from thirst, because we lacked arms? I wonder what world some people live in.


Luc Vachon, President of the Central of Democratic Trade Unions (CSD), would like more issues to be discussed with civil society, be it energy transition, immigration, labor shortages, regional economic development, food self-sufficiency that Quebec wants to develop, for example. He therefore pleads for greater social dialogue.

The four presidents are aware that voters let themselves be seduced by promises of tax cuts or the sending of checks. But “we are betting that the vast majority of our members and the vast majority of the population have the same values ​​that we represent,” said Éric Gingras, president of the Central Trade Unions of Quebec (CSQ).

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