a “Recyclerie” to furnish students at low cost

a “Recyclerie” to furnish students at low cost
a “Recyclerie” to furnish students at low cost

This Saturday, September 3, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., students are meeting at the Cité Universitaire Boutonnet for a solidarity sale. The goal? Furnish their apartment at a lower cost thanks to the second hand.

In Montpellier, the first solidarity sale for students is organized this Saturday, September 3, 2022. Young people in full installation will be able to equip themselves at lower cost and above all in a more responsible approach. The objects purchased here, at the Cité Universitaire Boutonnet, have already been used.

From plates to shoe cabinets to kettles, all sorts of practical items are on sale at this clearance sale. And the prices are far from those of the supermarket shelves, first price around 50 cents.

Students therefore intend to take advantage of it in the face of the soaring costs of this start of the school year: + 3.6% compared to other years. For the start of the 2022 academic year, a student must pay an average of 2,410 euros.

The decoration stand is a great success at the braderie: “When we move from afar, we tend to take plates, utensils and we end up with a somewhat empty apartment and here we can take decoration” confides Hugo Laigle, in master’s degree in biochemistry.

Called “Recyclerie”, this initiative is supported by the Student Circular Movement, an association that focuses on the second life.

We created it because we visited a “Ressourcerie” in Le Vigan, and we saw that there was a real need for a second-hand approach. To set it up here, it still took two years!

Jil Heck, member of the Student Circular Movement

A quick wipe, a change of battery or paint, and there are hundreds of objects that can still be used in a student studio. The solidarity sale is also part of the Erasmus program “Uni-eco”. This partnership between four European universities (Dublin, , ​​Budapest and Utrecht) aims to adopt projects related to sustainable development on campuses.

The students of Montpellier hope to obtain permanent premises soon, the appeal for donations will then be launched throughout the year.

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