‘Pep killed me and kicked me out of Man City’

‘Pep killed me and kicked me out of Man City’
‘Pep killed me and kicked me out of Man City’

Pep Guardiola is perhaps the best manager football has produced this century. Since his debut in 2008 with FC , ​​the Catalan has won everything, even if his specialty is the national championship, whatever club he trains. He won the Spanish league, the Bundesliga and now the several times. Many footballers and former players praise Guardiola and thank him for his teachings. But not all speak well of man. Some have very bad memories of the Spanish technician.

One of the latest players to confess a bad experience with Guardiola is another Spaniard, José Ángel Esmorís Tasende, known by the nickname Angeliño. This defender had a brilliant spell at Manchester City and there, under the orders of his compatriot, things did not work out for him and he blamed Guardiola for his failure.

“Pep killed me and killed my self-confidence. After my return from Eindhoven (he played for PSV), he had already condemned me after two friendlies and never gave me a real chance again. he told Bild, when he was already at RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga, where he was able to excel thanks in particular to the confidence of the manager at the time, the famous Julian Nagelsmann, today at Bayern.

Angeliño explained the difference between the two coaches, Julian Nagelsmann and Pep Guardiola: “There is a big difference between the two coaches. One gave me confidence and allowed me to play, the other didn’t. You have to be brave and Julian is. »He added.

Angeliño came through the youth ranks of Deportivo La Coruña until he was signed by Man City in 2012. In 2018 he was sold and bought back in 2019, in contact with Guardiola, who did not let him many places.

“Julian can be a coach anywhere, there aren’t that many like him. He already has a very good team, but imagine if he had better players. Tactically, he always has the key to every opponent. Guardiola? It was a fact that I didn’t play and he lost confidence in me, that’s why I said he killed my confidence, he added on Tuesday. It’s not that he killed me as a player, he made me the player I am now. I never thought that I would play in this stadium again one day with another shirt. I am very happy to be back.”


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