Anglade and the old ghosts of the PLQ

The highlight of this beginning of the campaign is undoubtedly the mess of the PLQ.

An image remains engraved in my head: Dominique Anglade, on a skating rink without ice, in front of a hockey net, surrounded by empty bleachers.

More gloomy and gloomy, I only see the morgue.


Since you don’t shoot at an ambulance, there’s no need to dwell on candidates who withdraw at the last moment because they’ve found “jobs”, who are abroad, or who say nonsense because we chose them at top speed to plug holes.

All that was missing was the proverbial bus breakdown… and the bus broke down.

Inevitably, ex-apparatchiks and ex-PLQ deputies ask themselves: but what happened to this formidable steamroller that was once the PLQ?

Pinch me someone. I must be dreaming. But where were these people since 2003? In Uzbekistan?

No, they were warm in the ministerial offices or the parliamentary seats close to Messrs. Jean Charest and Philippe Couillard.

Here they are, the two real responsible for the current setbacks of the QLP: Jean Charest and Philippe Couillard.

When your party obtains 7% of voting intentions among Francophones, you have problems much deeper than organizational failures.

I confess a certain sympathy for England.

This “madam there”, as François Legault calls her, is visibly intelligent, educated, energetic, a good communicator, etc.

It has all the qualities demanded by modern politics, which has become essentially a matter of public relations, of marketing, reflecting the growing mediocrity and insignificance of our societies and of our times.

We could certainly blame him for a lack of very solid convictions and for having once left the CAQ for the PLQ out of opportunism, but if we emptied Parliament of people without too many convictions and of opportunists, how many would remain?

Apart from the 18-month interlude of Pauline Marois, the PLQ of Messrs. Charest and Couillard governed Quebec from 2003 to 2018.

During these 15 years, first under Jean Charest, the QLP has, to put it politely, stretched the rubber band of ethics and integrity in a way that we had not seen since Duplessis.

You’ll read PLQ inc.the book of the journalists of the Bureau of investigation of the Montreal Journal.

Effrontery being a renewable energy, Jean Charest now dreams of extending his work across Canada.

Where ?

Then came Philippe Couillard.

We were treated to the condescending and guilt-inducing sermons of the most anti-nationalist prime minister in the history of modern Quebec, for whom any burst of minimal pride was a manifestation of closure, intolerance and ethnic withdrawal.

Result: the PLQ obtained the worst score in its history in the 2018 election.

Poor Anglade inherits today this house burnt down by the two arsonists before her.

The Liberals who blame her today were where, what did they do in the time of MM. Charest and Couillard?

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