The price of fuel forces the increase in hunting packages

In 2023 for SÉPAQ-Anticosti

On the largest island in the St. Lawrence, Anticosti, where everything arrives by boat and plane, the price of fuel has risen more than inflation and the rise in the cost of transportation has inevitably followed. (Photo Ernie Wells)

Increases in the cost of living in general, but especially air travel, will not spare hunters who plan to go to the Île aux Cerfs territories of SÉPAQ-Anticosti in 2023.

For the current season of 2022, the hunting packages sold in 2021 remain unchanged and the state company absorbs the financial losses which would be considerable.

“The price of fuel towards Anticosti has increased more than inflation. On the island, everything arrives by boat and plane and the rise in the cost of transport has followed. We have no choice but to increase the packages for 2023, ”said SÉPAQ spokesperson Simon Boivin when joined to validate information that had been circulating on this subject for some time.

From 18 to 20% on average

For the 2023 hunting season, Simon Boivin specifies that stays will be increased by 18 to 20%. For example, the basic hunting package, without a guide, under the European plan in September – October, is increased by $280.

Of this amount, $270 is allocated to the airfare increase. The higher the package, and depending on the hunting season as in November, the higher the increase in dollars will be. But always at the same percentages.

The price of air transportation is included in the SÉPAQ-Anticosti packages, which does business with private carriers.

“The price of the plane ticket is not an additional Source of income. We’re just paying for it, that’s all. For 2022, SÉPAQ-Anticosti is the victim of these general increases which were unforeseen in 2021. For this year, we respect and honor the packages sold last year, ”continues Simon Boivin.

At the Lac Geneviève Outfitter, an increase in packages would also be planned for 2023. Unlike SÉPAQ-Anticosti, hunting stays are sold separately from air travel.

“For the moment, we cannot specify what the increase will be, because we do not know the cost of air transport in 2023”, indicates France Martin.

Not for pleasure

Sepaq August 2022 4

The price of fuel influences the cost of living, especially on Anticosti, and all the activities practiced on the largest island in the St. Lawrence. On September 1, a liter of regular gas sold for $2.58 in Port-Menier. For air transport, the SÉPAQ spokesperson specifies that the pricing will be monitored each year and adjusted accordingly, even downwards if necessary.

“We just want our rates to reflect the services received by our customers. We can’t sell hunting packages at a loss and we don’t mark them up for pleasure either,” concludes Simon Boivin.

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