: Return to Life

: Return to Life
Demi Lovato: Return to Life

At the Saddle Ranch Chop House bar-restaurant in West Hollywood, takes shots under the encouragement of customers. On July 26, 2018, the birthday of his choreographer, the interpreter of Sober decided to break with his sobriety, which lasted for six years. When the establishment closed, she chose to continue the party at her home, on the heights of Hollywood. The pace of the evening intensifies and Demi feels shaky from all the booze she has ingested. She tells herself that a little cocaine and Xanax pick-me-up, that explosive cocktail that she loves so much, will get the machine going again. It is 4 a.m. when she sends her request via an SMS to her dealer, a certain Brandon Johnson. This one is coming right away. Problem, he’s out of coke and Xanax at this late hour. All she has left is heroin and Fentanyl, a very strong opioid painkiller. Intoxicated by alcohol, the singer accepts the deal. She once took heroin intravenously, she says to herself that smoking a tad of it can’t hurt her, that she manages… As for Fentanyl, it’s a painkiller a priori without danger. A priori only. Lying on her bed with Brandon by her side, she felt the mattress slip away from under her body. She is light as an infant in a cradle.

Half Lovato dance with the devil

Demi’s childhood was not yet cottony. Demetria Devonne Lovato was born on August 20, 1992 in A lbuquerque (New Mexico), to a father, Patrick, an engineer and musician, and a mother, Dianna, who was a cheerleader for an American football team. When they divorce, Demi is 2 years old. She then moved with her mother to Dallas, Texas. Over there, at school, things are not going well. Demi experiences bullying from classmates, which leads to bulimia and self-harm. At 12, she dropped out of college. The brunette has a gift for the artistic thing: she is a soprano capable of covering four octaves, and she therefore takes lessons in music, singing, acting… She masters the piano perfectly at 7 years old, the guitar at 8 years old and goes to auditions and Texan beauty contests.

“I lost my virginity in a rape”

After furtive appearances on TV – in Prison Break, in particular –, she won the timpani in 2007: at 15, she was retained by Disney Channel for the TV movie Camp Rock and for a new sitcom, Sonny. In 2008, Camp Rock is a hit by bringing together nearly 9 million viewers. As for its soundtrack, in which Demi performs four songs, it is selling like hot cakes. Jonas Brothers manager Phil McIntyre sees her as a nugget. He signed her to Hollywood Records. The teenager becomes the role model for young people who envy his evolution in the wonderful world of Disney. Behind the scenes, however, she lives in hell. She will testify to this in 2021: “I lost my virginity in a rape”, she says. The drama took place when she was 15: she was filming Camp Rock at the time and was then forced to rub shoulders with her executioner throughout the filming!

Return to the life

No wonder, therefore, that she fell into drugs at the age of 17, following a career of phenomenal success, between big album sales, sold-out tours and an omnipresence in the media, illustrated by her juror role in the show X Factor. The machine seized up elsewhere in 2010. On tour with the Jonas Brothers, Demi lost it and punched one of the dancers in the face. Big discomfort.

“I really rarely think about substances”

She makes a financial agreement with the victim, goes into rehab and then reveals throughout interviews, her childhood depression and her penchant for drugs and alcohol. We think she’s out of the woods, but it’s not. When her father died in 2013, at the age of 52, she plunged into the consumption of the harshest narcotics (cocaine, heroin, psychotropics, etc.) until that famous early morning of July 19, 2018. They were his bodyguard and his wife. housekeepers who find her naked, blue body in her bed. They believe her dead but no, the star is still breathing. His friends” ? Left in the early morning, convinced that “Demi was sleeping”. His dealer? Also disappeared after sexually abusing “his favorite client”then in a coma. “My doctors said I still have 5 or 10 minutes to live”declares Demi when she finally comes out alive from Cedars-Sinai, the large medical center in LA

The following ? A rehab and an album in 2021, Dancing with the Devil…The Art of Starting Over. If she finally survived, she did not come out unscathed from this overdose which caused three strokes and a heart attack. “I suffered brain damage and I’m still paying the price. I can’t drive because I have blurry spots in my vision. And I also had trouble reading for a long time. was a big problem”, she says in her documentary. Today, at 30, Demi Lovato seems to be doing better. She has just released a new album and claims to be done with her demons: “I’m so accepting of my life that I really rarely think about substances”she assured in July 2022 on the radio, echoing the title of her latest single, Substance. We hope that, this time around, Demi is not in denial.

Demi’s exes

At the start of her career, Demi fell for Alexander DeLeon of The Cab. She continues with Cody Linley, Texan singer and actor, like her. Then it will be the brother of Miley Cyrus, Trace, for a brief and intense relationship. With Joe Jonas, a new meteor story, followed by a devastating breakup. With Wilmer Valderrama, it’s serious, but the couple leaves after six years. Next! She changed gears with the MMA champion Guilherme Vasconcelos, at the beginning of 2017. Then, it was the stylist Henri Alexander Levy and the top Austin G. Wilson, at the end of 2019. In March 2020, she got engaged with the actor Max Ehrich, but the couple shatters just after. Love with Demi is complicated…

Her looks

His constantly evolving style

Teen star, Demi has changed her look in fifteen years of career, between rock, pop, sexy or casual… Today, she is brunette, square cut, with a bright red lipstick à la Louise Brooks. A new look for a new life?

Never call it “iel” again!

Demi has often been credited with relationships with girls. Names circulated like those of Noah Cyrus, Kehlani, JoJo Gomez, Lauren Abedini, but nothing official. Resolutely woke, Demi declared herself in turn pansexual, then non-binary, demanding that the neutral pronoun “they” be applied to her, the equivalent of “iel” in France. But, in a recent interview, Demi changed her mind and decided to use the pronoun “she” again to refer to herself. After deconstruction, reconstruction?

A staged overdose

Willingness to atone for one’s demons or to buzz over a tragic episode, as gossips have said? The star does not care and releases, in April 2021, the clip Dancing With The Devil, which crudely returns to her overdose of July 2018. And since Demi does not do things by halves, she is the one who made this video testifying to this nightmarish night. For an informed public…

His career


She is 15 years old and a hit in this musical TV movie which makes her known to the world. Demi Lovato’s career is launched.


The first non-Disney album, post-rehab. With Timbaland at the controls, the sound is more pop and the lyrics praise the party.


An album carried by the tube Sorry Not Sorry. Will come a world tour, which is a big hit.


She joined the Jonas Brothers team and released a resolutely positive album. Upon arrival, more than 1.5 million copies sold.

2013: HALF

A fourth opus which returns to a pop-rock sound. His voice impresses the public and the entire music industry.


The album returns to her overdose of 2018. She also released a documentary-truth.


A second album composed with big names like John or Jon McLaughlin.


She leaves X Factor to concentrate on music, and offers herself a tube cut for the clubs: Cool for The Summer.


Last opus released this summer. A much more rock album with two singles already in circulation: Skin of My Teeth and Substance.

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