Heat wave. Deaths spiked in July, ‘likely’ due to heat

Heat wave. Deaths spiked in July, ‘likely’ due to heat
Heat wave. Deaths spiked in July, ‘likely’ due to heat

It’s a sharp rise​. Here is how INSEE, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, qualifies the increase in the average number of deaths per day in July 2022.

On average, 1,750 people lost their lives every day in France over this period, according to provisional data ​published Friday, September 2, 2022. This figure was 1,610 in June. And the figures for July 2022 are 13% higher than those for July 2019. This increase “Is probably explained by the heat wave that occurred in mid-July, after a first episode of heat wave from mid-June”still indicates the institution in a note spotted by the television channel BFM-TV . These are the figures on the number of deaths released by INSEE on the fourth Friday of each month.

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“Peaks in emergency care use”

The average number of daily deaths, which reached 2,150 in January 2022, had continued to decrease month after month, with the exception of April when a very slight increase was observed.​, observes INSEE. And so it went back to July.

The institution evokes the three episodes of heat wave that France suffered: they took place from June 15 to 22, from July 12 to 25, and from July 31 to mid-August.

​However, peaks in emergency care use were observed from July 15 to 18. Deaths from all causes reach a very sharp peak on July 19, after a less marked peak on July 13​, notes INSEE again.

Another element, in June 2022, “the deaths are 4% higher than the deaths that occurred in June 2019”, that is to say the last year before the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic, which also plays a role in the increase in deaths.

426,671 deaths since January 1, a provisional figure

Over the period from July 1 to August 22, the number of deaths in 2022 is higher than that of 2021 (+ 5.7%) and significantly higher than in 2020 (+ 9.1%) or than in 2019 (+11.6%)​, further indicates the institution.

From January 1 to August 22, 2022, 426,671 deaths from all causes were recorded in France on September 2, 2022. That is 7.9% more than in 2019. This represents 31,097 deaths. Figures to be put into perspective, there too, with the Covid-19 pandemic. However, INSEE warns: However, this number is still provisional and will be revised upwards in the coming weeks.


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