Thousands of undocumented migrants will be regularized in Spain and Germany

Thousands of undocumented migrants will be regularized in Spain and Germany
Thousands of undocumented migrants will be regularized in Spain and Germany

The health crisis has turned all policies upside down, including those related to immigration, in European countries. Some countries, such as Spain and Germany, are reviewing their copies, particularly in terms of massive regularizations of undocumented migrants and the hiring of foreign workers. What about France?

In Spain, one of the countries of the European Union which intends to take advantage of emigration to meet labor shortages, has undertaken measures aimed at regularizing large numbers of foreigners.

Undocumented migrants: Spain plans massive regularizations

Whether they are in their country of origin or already present on the territory, these foreigners will be regularized with a view to integrating them into the labor market. The measures announced at the end of July aim, in a way, to “ recognize the underground economy that reigns in Spain “, Analyzes this Saturday, September 3 the French site Mediapart.

In other words, undocumented people who work without being declared, without rights or protection will finally be regularized and will work within legal frameworks. Indeed, the Spanish government decided, at the end of July, to facilitate access to the labor market for immigrants, even those already present in the territory in an irregular situation.

Indeed, companies in agriculture, construction or tourism, which are experiencing labor shortages, can easily recruit foreign people from their country of origin. Foreign students will also be able to access the job market for up to 30 hours per week.

Germany: adoption of a bill aimed at regularizing 130,000 undocumented migrants

In addition, foreigners established in Spain in an irregular situation for more than two years can also be regularized and integrated into the labor market, or even benefit from training. The procedures for family reunification will also be simplified.

Quoted by Mediapart, a young harraga from Algeria, survivor of a shipwreck, says he is happy with these measures, although he is not yet eligible. Indeed, he does not fulfill the condition of two years of presence on Spanish territory.

We’ve all heard of it here. I hope they won’t delete it according to the elections by then (until he accumulates two years of presence in Spain, editor’s note) “, he said, referring to the possibility of training.

In Germany, it is also time for the regularization of foreigners in an irregular situation. At the beginning of July, the German government adopted a bill aimed at regularizing undocumented asylum seekers whose applications have been refused and who remain in the country.

No less than 130,000 people, whose request for protection has already been rejected, are affected by this measure. Concretely, the fallout from the health crisis has prompted many European countries to change their respective policies on emigration, but not France.

Regularization of foreigners in Europe: France lagging behind

According to Mediapart, the health crisis, which made it possible to see how essential undocumented migrants were for certain sectors, has obviously not changed the vision of France. As proof, all the demonstrations by undocumented workers, often supported by supporters, have been simply ignored by the authorities, including Macron himself.

According to the same Source, since the “Valls” circular of 2012, requests for regularization through work are left to the discretion of the prefects. In the absence of measures like Spain and Germany, an undocumented person in France, even if he meets all the conditions, must wait for the deadlines in the prefecture.

Worse still, the only bill proposed by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, concerning immigration aims more to criminalize foreigners than to try to integrate them, analyzed the French investigative media.

The latter proposes, in fact, measures allowing the expulsion of so-called foreigners delinquents », to link the granting of residence permits to respect for « principles of the republic and to facilitate the deportation of persons subject to an OQTF.

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