Milk 2 farms, a maroilles in gold

The local produce competition is an unmissable event for many producers in Thiérache and beyond. As at the Agricultural Show, a demanding jury awards gold, silver, bronze medals or honorary diplomas. The only maroilles from Thiérache awarded a gold medal is that of Lait 2 fermes.

Here is the list of award-winning cheeses this Saturday:

Gold medals

Maroilles: EARL de Cerfmont (59 Maroilles); SARL Milk 2 farms (02 Eparcy).

Fresh or fresh cheeses with herbs and/or flavored: Le Fricotin – Fricoteaux cheese dairy (02 Sainte-Geneviève);

Silver medals

Refined goat: Ron’biquette – EARL La Barbi’iquette (60 La Plessier sur Bulles);

Semi-cured goat cheese: La Chevriette (62 Framecourt);

Fresh goat : Fresh crotin – EARL La Barbi’iquette (60 La Plessier sur Bulles);

Soft cheeses: T’chiot biloute – GAEC the farm of the Pont des Loups (59 Saint-Aubin);

Cheese with herbs and/or flavored: Dauphin – GAEC La Ferme du Pont des Loups (59 Saint-Aubin); Fresh cow cheese – ASBL Carah (Belgium)

Fromage blanc with fruit or nature: fromage blanc countryside fromage frais – GAEC Saint Gérard (80 Saint Fuscien);

A jury of professionals and enlightened amateurs tastes the different products completely anonymously.

Bronze Medals

Tomme of goat or sheep cheese: goat tomme cheese – Moyembrie Farm OG Association (02 Coucy-le-Château);

Semi-cured goat cheese: Fleurio – EI Ardennes goat farm (08 Girondelle);

Fresh goat : La Chevriette (62 Framecourt);

Soft cheeses: Le Thiérachien – SARL Lait 2 Fermes (02 Eparcy);

Cow or goat milk Camembert: Le petit Fricoteaux – Fricoteaux cheese dairy (02 Sainte-Geneviève);

Tomes: Tomme de Thiérache – GAEC the Bahardes farm (59 Etrœungt); Tome de Cambrai – SARL La fromagerie sauvage (59 Seranvillers Forenville); Tome à la bistouille – SARL La fromagerie sauvage (59 Seranvillers Forenville).

Cheeses ripened with herbs and/or flavored: Burbant ash – ASBL Carah (7800 Ath);

Fromage blanc with fruit or nature: smooth white cheese – GAEC Saint Gérard (80 Saint Fuscien).

Honorary diplomas

Refined goat: refined log – EARL La Barb’iquette (60 La Plessier sur Bulles); refined goat cheese – EARL Molet (02 Saint-Martin-Rivière).

Tomme of goat or sheep cheese: Tomme de brebis – Dehoux Etienne (02 Sommeron).

Semi-cured goat cheese: semi-cured goat cheese – La Halte d’autrefois (62 Hesmond).

Pressed or cooked cheeses: Mimolette César Losfold 6 months – Losfeld distribution (59 Roubaix); Eeckekaes – EIRL cheese dairy of Eecke (59 Eecke); Le Saint Fuscien – GAEC Saint Gerard (80 Saint-Fuscien);

Fresh or fresh cheeses with herbs and/or flavored: fresh cheese with dill chives – GAEC Saint Géard (80 Saint Fuscien); Le Fricotin enrobé – Fricoteaux cheese dairy (02 Sainte-Geneviève).

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