Postpartum depression, fathers also suffer from it –

Postpartum depression, fathers also suffer from it –
Postpartum depression, fathers also suffer from it –

The subject is still largely taboo and yet postpartum depression affects 1 in 10 fathers, according to studies. Birth preparation programs are beginning to integrate this aspect to raise awareness among young dads. 15 minute report.

“During a birth, both parents go through enormous hormonal and brain changes. In men, there is an increase in oxytocin – a hormone that promotes attachment – during the pregnancy of the partner, as well as a decrease testosterone,” explains perinatal psychologist Noémie Faure N’Guyen.

The most recurrent symptoms of postpartum depression in fathers are exhaustion, fatigue, restlessness, as well as irritability, even aggressiveness, further details the specialist.

Postpartum depression, you don’t prepare for that… It was unknown to me, except for women.

Florian, 36 years old

“The breaking point was when I had to return to work. I felt a lot of guilt for being absent, and it fell on my daughter,” says Florian, 36, who faced this pathology after birth. of his daughter Camellia.

“I got angry very quickly. The anger was going faster than me, I didn’t recognize myself,” says the father. “He cried a lot and I really saw him in anger that I did not know him,” adds his wife Cécile. It was she who realized what was happening.

“And then, we are ashamed, we feel guilty, but we don’t know how to do it because as a man, we have trouble expressing our emotions, so we don’t seek help”, specifies Florian, who is much better today, following therapy, in particular.

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Postpartum depression, fathers too / Video news / 2 min. / yesterday at 11:05

“This pathology comes to scratch the image of the solid father, who helps the mother. As long as we do not take into account the paternal vulnerability, we will continue to make the fathers suffer, and the mothers too”, analyzes Noémie Faure N’Guyen . “But things are moving,” she says.

The HUG and the CHUV are beginning to focus on paternal postpartum depression in birth preparation courses. The opportunity for future fathers to share their emotions and questions around the birth rate.

Katia Bitsch and Juliane Roncoroni

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