PS5: Is it worth cracking despite its price increase?

The increase in price of Sony’s next-gen console was very badly received by the community. The PS5 recently saw an increase in its initial price of 50€. In question according to Sony, difficult economic conditions, which would have pushed the Japanese company to raise the price of its console, while it is still the victim of shortages around the world.

While on Twitter, users did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction through various posts, what about the rest of the community?

What do players think of this price increase?

This is the question to which Frandoid, a French-speaking site, tried to respond with a survey addressed to its large community. The subject of the PS5 price increase is visibly divisive because the results of their investigation are very diverse.

The question posed to the community by Frandoid was “For you, is the PS5 now too expensive or is it still worth it?”

  • 35.7% replied that it should already be available in stores.
  • 21.7% were motivated to buy it but are no longer.
  • 18.5% think Xbox is more interesting.
  • 13.7% were lucky enough to get it before the price hike.
  • 10.5% still think it’s worth it.

The results of this survey are quite negative and above all show that the PS5 shortage is still raging around the world. In terms of willingness to buy, 21.7% of players surveyed could have been potential customers, but subsequently change of opinion because of the €50 increase in the price of the console.

Among the voters, just over 10% think the PS5 is worth it despite the price hikeas well as the shortage.

“Our first priority is to continue to improve the distribution”

In any case, this increase is indeed effective and a post on Sony’s blog confirms that their priority remains to deliver as many consoles as possible. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said: “Our top priority is to continue to improve the distribution of PlayStation 5s to as many gamers as possible so they can experience what the PS5 has to offer and what is yet to come.”.

A question now arises, could the responses to this type of survey impact Sony in its strategy? Only the future will tell us.



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