The Jhurrua family is still healing its wounds: its daughter killed in a motorcycle accident

The Jhurrua family is still healing its wounds: its daughter killed in a motorcycle accident
The Jhurrua family is still healing its wounds: its daughter killed in a motorcycle accident
  • Vishal Jhurrua, accused of manslaughter, sentenced to one year in prison

The facts date back to May 2017, but the pain is still strong for the Jhurrua family who live in Sevastopol. She can’t mourn after the death of little Seshvi who succumbed to her injuries following a motorcycle accident driven by her own father, Vishal Jhurrua. The latter, aged 42, was prosecuted in the intermediate court for reckless manslaughter and drunk driving. The sentence was handed down on August 11 and he was sentenced to one year in prison five years after the tragedy.

Among the relatives of the accused, in Clavet, Sebastopol, reigns a heavy and painful atmosphere. Their pain is intense. After losing Seshvi, they must now learn to live without Vishal Jhurrua who works as a bus driver. “We are still trying to heal our wound after Seshvi’s death and now it’s Vishal’s turn to leave. He will be in prison for a year and we are even more saddened. He’s a good boy, ”they say. Seshvi, known as Aastha, confide her relatives, was a “child who exuded the joy of living. She was a pretty girl who loved going to school and playing. His departure left a great void in our lives.

Today, they must face the comments of Internet users who are many to accuse Vishal Jhurrua of the death of his daughter. “He never wanted it to happen like this. This is an accident. A father will never intentionally kill his child. It is unfortunate what happened and since that day, he has been suffering, ”they continue.

The family is stressed because the 40-year-old has a 16-year-old son who needs him. “Latet is tired. Pa capav slept at night. Nou think zenfan la. Aster nou thinks Vishal ki ti very happy so tifi. Li well cry. Li pa ti envi ca ariv kumsa. Souvan li ti p amenn so tifi fair tour. Enn maler in ariver ”, add the relatives who are counting the days to visit him in prison.

A fateful Sunday

In his statement to the police, Vishal Jhurrua said that his daughter wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. “Monn amenn li fer enn letour lor motosyklet dan landrwa. Mo finn fer li asiz divan mwa. We each wore our full face helmets. Mo finn fer mo tifi trap gidon. Kan monn found li kapav debrouye, mo finn larg li. Me mo ti pe vey li. Enn kout ti ena enn ti la monte ek motosyklet-la finn debalanse,” he said. The motorcycle skidded off the main road in Clavet, Sebastopol, and ended up in a ditch approximately 2.50 m deep. Their full-face helmets, he told the court, fell off and they were thrown into the ditch. Both were transported to Flacq hospital and the nursing staff could only note the death of the girl.

At the Daily Challenge who had met him when he left hospital after the accident, Vishal Jhurrua had confided: “The day of the tragedy, I came home after work. Mo ti bwar trwa peg of eau de vie parski mo asmatik. Mo finn pran sa pou li sof mwa andan e after mo finn exit deor ek Seshvi inn vinn ver mwa. She asked me to take her for a ride on a motorbike”. He also had to point out that he had initially refused his daughter’s request, but the latter began to cry. “Mo finn gagn sagrin kan monn found mo tifi an tear. Monn fer li plezir ek monn amenn li fer enn ti letour dan landrwa mem,” he argued.


In court, the bus driver pleaded guilty to both counts. He, however, expressed his regret for the accident, then claimed to be the sole support of his family. He also indicated that he earns his living as a bus driver and that he needs his driving license to work. Magistrate Sophie Chui-Gunness took into account that this was “an unfortunate accident”, but she highlighted an aggravating factor, the fact that Vishal Jhurrua was driving the motorcycle in a state of intoxication. “I cannot, however, ignore the fact that the defendant was under the influence of alcohol at the material time,” she pointed out. Indeed, the culprit had a rate of 154 milligrams of alcohol for 100 milliliters of blood.

The court ordered that he be disqualified from driving any type of vehicle for 12 months given the circumstances surrounding the two charges. The magistrate clarified in her verdict that Vishal Jhurrua had been convicted in the past, on May 10, 2012, for driving while intoxicated. Five years after his first conviction, he committed the present offence. “These are aggravating factors,” she said.

In handing down the sentence, she says she took into consideration that the driver had pleaded guilty, that he had cooperated with the police and that he had attended a driver training course as rehabilitation following the accident. . The intermediate court, however, pointed out that it sees no particular reason not to impose a driving disqualification in this case.

As a reminder, under the first charge of manslaughter, Vishal Jhurrua was sentenced to six months in prison. On the charge of driving while intoxicated, he was sentenced to 12 months in prison and a fine of Rs 50,000. Note that the two prison sentences will be served at the same time.

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