The Rings of Power: Who is the man who fell from the sky?

If he looks like Gandalf, if he enchants like Gandalf and if he mutters like Gandalf, is he a Gandalf? The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power dives into the meanders of this enigma. One of the great mysteries of the first two episodes of the series AmazonPrime is the identity of the character played by Daniel Weyman. Known as “The Stranger”, and more commonly referred to as the Meteor Man on the internet, this strange old man simply fell from the sky into Middle-earth under the eyes of Gil-galad, Elrond, Celebrimbor, Bronwyn, Rounder and nori and very clearly perceived as a harbinger of great misfortune by most of the inhabitants of this vast world.

Many theories have already been proposed to try to unravel the mystery of this character. Sauron is obviously a strong candidate given the orientation of the series Rings of Power, and while it’s clear the stranger has magical qualities, there’s still a host of never-before-seen Vala and Maia to choose from. Of course, the magician could be a new creation made especially for Amazon, without any previous connection with the Lord of the Rings since, let’s remember, the series is inspired by the novels of Tolkien but is in no way a faithful adaptation of the Silmarillion.

Another popular theory is that Rings of Power will eventually reveal that the stranger is Gandalf. The wizard does exist in the series timeline (albeit asOlorin), this theory is therefore at least plausible. Rings of Power also knows what he’s doing by featuring a wizard with a long beard, dressed in grey…, who likes Hobbit… and whispers magic formulas to insects like a certain Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring. Series Rings of Power ofAmazon deliberately makes the public believe that this man from heaven is Gandalf descending fight, even, kill Sauron before he becomes Middle-earth’s worst enemy. It’s too easy to be true.

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According to the mythology of JRR Tolkien, Olorin lived with others Maya in Amman, but has always had a fascination with the Children of Ilúvatar (Men and Elves), and sometimes wandered among them. At Third Agewhereas Sauron made a comeback again, Olorin was one of the five Maia chosen to join Middle-earth and help its inhabitants, by adopting the human appearance of Gandalf grey. Although technically possible, the idea that Gandalf disembarks in Middle Earth during the Second Age to help regrow Sauron raises a number of continuity issues. Why Olorin would he arrive by meteor rather than by the usual boat? Why would he walk away with the job half done? The Valar did they send it, or Olorin did he come on his own? And reaching Middle earth so early contradicts the version of events of Tolkien, that Olórin must have been convinced before going there in the Third Age?

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Episodes 1 and 2 also hint that the true identity of the magician is much darker than that of Gandalf. When the Stranger first lands, a leaf falls at the feet of Gil-galad in Lindon, the underside of which is rotten with black poison. He then appears to break Largo’s ankle, when he is frustrated, before later killing all the fireflies he enchants moments before. Hurt hairy feeteliminating creatures and defiling the flora is simply not in the traits of Gandalf, even though these acts were committed unknowingly.

The old man’s physical appearance, demeanor, and use of magic deliberately lead viewers to the same conclusion, and from a marketing perspective, it’s not hard to see why. Amazon would be tempted to include Gandalf in Rings of Power. Alas, too many details don’t fit. It is much more likely that the stranger of the Rings of Power is Sauronor another member of the Ainur.

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