The Russians are fleeing partial mobilization at all costs: where can they go?

The Russians are fleeing partial mobilization at all costs: where can they go?
The Russians are fleeing partial mobilization at all costs: where can they go?

Since Vladimir Putin’s announcement concerning a partial mobilization of the Russians on Wednesday morning, panic has set in in Russia.

Many demonstrations against this mobilization, which concerns nearly 300,000 men, take place. You can hear the Russians shouting “no to war”or even see a mother who does not want to let her son go, as these images from LCI show.

We also saw on Wednesday the very rapid increase in sales of plane tickets to escape Russia.

Anna Colin Lebedev, researcher specializing in post-Soviet societies, recounts in a tweet a telephone exchange she witnessed in Paris: “mom, find something, break his leg or his arm, that will give him three months of delay. Rent him a small apartment to hide out. And then I will find a way…”

Andreï Vaitovich, a Franco-Belarusian journalist, shows the deplorable results of internet searches in Russia, proving a very clear increase in searches for “how to break your arm”.

The simplest way for reservists in good health to escape their mobilization remains flight. But which countries are still accessible to Russians? As our colleagues from RTBF explain, the opposition site Meduza has made a list containing the most easily accessible destinations.

Visa-free countries and border countries

Russians can reach Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan without a passport. Then, 36 other countries can welcome them without a visa but with a passport.

No refuge in Europe, for the moment?

The discussion had already taken place during the summer: Europe no longer wanted Russian tourists on its territory. This is why the granting of European visas for Russians was suspended at the beginning of September. Only Finland still allows Russians to enter, although it has already considerably reduced the number of visas it granted to Russian citizens.

Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have closed their borders completely to Russians, with a few exceptions, such as humanitarian cases, dissidents, family reunifications and people with residence permits in the EU. EU.

Germany, however, expressed on Thursday that it was ready to receive the Russians.“Whoever courageously opposes Putin and puts himself in great danger can apply for political asylum in Germany”said Nancy Faeser, the German Minister of the Interior.

The German Federal Minister of Justice, Marco Buschmann, also showed himself ready to welcome the Russians: “Apparently many Russians are leaving their homeland. Anyone who hates Putin’s way and loves liberal democracy is warmly welcomed in Germany.”

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