price, release date, technical sheet, all about the portable console

price, release date, technical sheet, all about the portable console
price, release date, technical sheet, all about the portable console

Since the success of the Nintendo Switch, the market for portable consoles has been expanding gradually. After the Steam Deck, it’s Logitech’s turn to launch its vision of things. By partnering with Tencent, the brand known for its expertise in computer hardware, launches the G Cloud.

As its name suggests, it will be based on cloud gaming, a technology that some observers see as the future of video games.

How does Logitech plan to establish itself in this market? What is the price of the G Cloud? When will it be available? Here’s everything you need to know about the Logitech G Cloud.

When is the Logitech G Cloud coming out?

The Logitech G Gaming will be marketed from October 18, 2022 in the USA. No date for the rest of the world has been announced at this time. We therefore do not know if it will be available this year in France.

Logitech is already offering its portable console for pre-order.

What is the price of the Logitech G Cloud?

The Logitech G Gaming will be priced at $349.99the same price as the Nintendo Switch OLED, its main competitor.

Players who choose to pre-order the portable console (available now) will receive a $50 discount. For them, the Logitech G Gaming will therefore cost $299.99. No launch date in Europe has been announced, prices in euros remain unknown for the moment.

Logitech G Cloud Spec Sheet

Technical information on the Logitech G Cloud is currently scarce. Nevertheless, we know that the portable console will ship a 7” Full HD touch screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Logitech promises that the console will be light and designed for mobility. The first images show a more rounded format than that of the Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, the layout of the buttons is quite close. There are thus two asymmetrical joysticks as well as a directional cross (on the left) and four action buttons (on the right). Triggers complete the set. Everything is fully customizable depending on the games.

Other features include the integration of a dual-band WiFi chip, a USB-C port and compatibility with Bluetooth 5.1. Finally, Logitech has integrated a haptic engine as well as a gyroscope for better immersion.

What autonomy for the Logitech G Cloud portable console?

If Logitech does not specify the battery capacity of its portable console, the brand promises a 12-hour battery life with a single charge. However, this autonomy should vary depending on the games that will run on the machine. The more demanding they are, the more they should consume. The quality of the WiFi signal is also an element to take into account.

On the charging side, no information has been communicated by the brand.

What games and applications are available on the Logitech G Cloud?

As its name suggests, the Logitech G Cloud will provide access to games available in the cloud. So understand that they will have to go through cloud gaming platforms.

Logitech announced that GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming services (in beta) swould be integrated into the portable console. You will therefore be able to access all the games in their respective catalogue.

Since it runs on Android (in an optimized version), the G Cloud can also accommodate the games available on Google Play, the Google application store. Finally, you can play games from your PC using the Steam Link application, which is also available.


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