Is Kelly Tony’s daughter? The summary of episode 494 of Friday, September 23

Is Kelly Tony’s daughter? The summary of episode 494 of Friday, September 23
Is Kelly Tony’s daughter? The summary of episode 494 of Friday, September 23

Friday, September 23 in Here it all starts (episode already available on Salto) Lisandro asks Anaïs to stop lying to him. He knows about his brother’s death! Anaïs assures her that she didn’t know how to tell him… It’s too painful for her. After Mathieu’s death, she blocked herself and couldn’t talk about him anymore, except to die of grief. David’s arrival at the institute revived his memories. She admits to him that it also did him good to talk about it to someone who had known his brother. Lisandro asks him if something is going on with David. What makes her mad with rage: she tells him about the death of her brother, and he gives her a fit of jealousy?

Anaïs does not forgive Salomé for having betrayed her

Anaïs strongly criticizes Salomé for having told the truth to Lisandro. She is furious… and rejects her friend’s attempts at conciliation. She doesn’t want to see her anymore!

Lisandro goes to find David to hold him accountable for Charlene’s accusations. He retorts that Charlene lied because he caught her rummaging through Anaïs’ business. Lisandro demands that he leave his girlfriend alone. David explains to him that he and Anaïs are linked for life, Mathieu was like his brother. It is therefore not up to the teacher to decide whether or not he can continue to see her.

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Charlène comes to taunt Anaïs, alluding to her possible breakup with Lisandro. Livio urges her to concentrate. During the test, Anaïs refuses to give apples to Lisandro and Salomé, and accuses the latter of having thrown everything at Lisandro to destabilize her and have a better chance of winning. Salomé the sum to calm down! She apologized and was understanding but Anaïs goes beyond the limits.

The moment of the verdict arrives: Teyssier votes for Salomé, Rose for Anaïs. According to Teyssier, Anaïs does not have the shoulders to manage a brigade. Rose strikes back: they are there to judge a menu. Teyssier sends her back to her status as communications officer. The tone rises between the two. Cécile Meyer chooses Anaïs for her stubbornness and the quality of her dishes, all in sobriety and emotion. The young woman is overjoyed to become the chef of the pop-up restaurant. When Salomé comes to congratulate her, Anaïs asks her not to get tired: Salomé has betrayed her trust: “Expect to drool, I won’t give you any presents. »

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Claire confides in Olivia about her problems with her son

Olivia is amazed by Louis’ attitude. Claire admits to her friend that she no longer knows how to deal with her son, who is angry with her. But she’s done feeling guilty about him, even though she feels something is broken between them. According to Olivia, Claire must continue to stand up to her, that she will no longer allow herself to be pushed around like when they separated. She repeats to him all her admiration for the woman she is. According to her, Claire should cut the cord with her son.

In class, Claire asks Jasmine and Ambre not to stay after Louis’ classes, even if he demands it. A decision taken jointly with Antoine. The two students are uncomfortable. How to behave if Louis insists? Claire replies that this decision is non-negotiable. When Louis finds out, he is furious! According to him, his mother purposely undermines his authority. He complains to Charlène, who is overwhelmed to hear him talk about her mother all the time. She confides in him that she too has problems, but that he is too self-centered to hear them.

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Kelly worries about her mother’s attitude

Kelly confides in Lionel that she does not understand her mother. For some time, she has been very serious. Not only did she not cry when Guillaume left, but she did not appreciate her daughter’s surprise. All this does not look like him at all. Lionel does not take his worries seriously. Kelly persists in thinking that there is a real chemistry between her mother and Tony. She is certain that Laetitia is hiding something from her.

Tony invites Laetitia to dinner. She appreciates his proposal but she doesn’t want him to get any ideas. She has thought a lot and prefers that they remain friends. He promises not to insist anymore. Kelly meets him shortly after. He announces to her that he took a rake before confessing to her that he once thought she could be his daughter. But Laetitia assured him that was not the case! A revelation that upsets Kelly. Lionel advises him not to get carried away. Why would Laetitia hide from him that Tony is his father? Kelly replies that her mother spends her life lying. She wants to get to the bottom of it.

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