Thun (BE): The defendant would have thrown his victims into the void

Thun (BE): The defendant would have thrown his victims into the void
Thun (BE): The defendant would have thrown his victims into the void

PostedSeptember 22, 2022, 8:50 PM

A 60-year-old is accused of killing one man, injuring another, and sexually abusing minors. He acknowledges some of the facts.

Regardless of their age, this man preyed on Afghan refugees. Until killing. In May 2019, an 18-year-old Afghan boy was found dead in the gorges of Gries. A few months later, another Afghan, then aged 29, was found bleeding, freezing and with a broken foot in the same place. He testified Thursday in court. The accused, now 65, and the refugee had a “friendly and sexual” relationship.

According to the Afghan, the man ended up asking him to marry him, which he refused. During an excursion in the gorges, in November 2019, the sexagenarian pushed him over the precipice and he landed in a stream. Broken foot, wet, cold, he waited several hours to be sure that his executioner was gone, then was able to be rescued.

During his interrogation, the accused refused to answer any questions about the first case, the one where the refugee was killed. As for the second, concerning the survivor, he affirms that the young man fell alone, that he was “destroyed”. Why didn’t you try to help him then? “What should I have done? There was no network up there,” he said, believing that any help would come too late for his companion anyway.

The prosecutor was not convinced. During the interrogations, the accused provided contradictory versions. The victim has always been constant. This is why the prosecutor requested a prison sentence of 19 years. The trial continues on Friday, with in particular the arguments of the lawyers of the accused, who has been detained since his arrest at the end of 2019.

In addition to intentional homicide and attempted intentional homicide, the man must answer for sexual assault and sexual acts with children, some of them against payment. Again, these were Afghan refugees. In one case, he admitted to repeatedly giving money to a 14-year-old child in exchange for sex. “It was a mistake and today I apologize to him,” he said. He disputed other charges, including when he had sex in his car with a 17-year-old child to whom he was giving driving lessons. “He was completely in agreement,” he defended himself.

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