the hearing suspended, the bus driver cracks nervously

the hearing suspended, the bus driver cracks nervously
the hearing suspended, the bus driver cracks nervously

Thunderbolt at the Millas drama trial. The hearing had to be suspended this Thursday afternoon, while the bus driver was again questioned about the accident which claimed the lives of six schoolchildren in December 2017 in Millas (Pyrénées-Orientales). After a morning devoted to summaries of expertise, Nadine Oliveira, 53, was again at the helm this afternoon to be questioned at length about the facts.

Nadine Oliveira bursts into long sobs

Except that during her interrogation by the civil party, Nadine Oliveira cracks nervously. Shaken by long sobs, she stopped talking and struggled to catch her breath. The president then decided to suspend the hearing for a few minutes before announcing that it would not resume until next Monday. Nadine Oliveira had to be taken care of by the firefighters, she was evacuated to the hospital. This Thursday evening, she was under observation in the cardiology departmentaccording to his lawyers.

For 24 hours, Nadine Oliveira had been bombarded with questions by the lawyers for the civil parties. The incident caused the defense lawyers to react strongly. The latter accuse the civil party of “torturing” their client. They explained that the defendant, very experienced, had mentioned “the idea of ​​ending it” this Wednesday evening.

Defense requires more humanity

From the start, Nadine Oliveira has been telling her truth, and her version has not changed. This truth does not please the civil parties. But no matter how much they ask the same question fifteen times, it will always bring the same answer.“, get carried away Louis Fagniez, one of the driver’s attorneys. He calls his colleagues “to show humanity“: “for her too it is a tragedy“.

On the side of the civil parties, the lawyers deny engaging in a “gratuitous relentlessness“on the accused.”We ask him the questions we need to ask him. We are obliged to put it face to face with its contradictions“, reacts Me Philippe Ayral. “For the past week, all the expertise has shown that the barriers have been lowered. We can understand that Mrs. Oliveira, after four days, is in difficulty to accept this idea.“.

Bring out the truth

Me Julien Audier-Sauria recognizes that the defendant was sometimes pushed around by the civil parties, but with the aim of “bring forth a flash of truth“. This other lawyer for the civil parties regrets the suspension of the hearing : “we would have liked to go even a little further in the emotion, to provoke -perhaps- a declaration likely to enlighten everyone (…) and that the truth should come out definitively“.

On both sides of the bar, the lawyers express the same wish: that Nadine Oliveira be back on her feet Monday morning, for the resumption of the hearing. However, the trial may to continue in his absence.

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