McGill prof praises Iranian women’s deaths on Twitter

As protests in Iran escalate, a McGill University professor is said to be in embarrassment after posting controversial messages on Twitter in support of the Iranian regime and the death of opponents of the regime.

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At least that’s what this Twitter screenshot suggests about Professor Soroosh Shahriari, a professor of medieval Jewish history and Islamic philosophy at McGill University in Montreal.

In this tweet posted in his account which has since been deleted, but kept and shared by many Iranian activists on Twitter, and verified by The newspaperMr. Shahriari explains that it will be good and joyful to experience the execution of hundreds of “mujahideen” (understand here the demonstrators and demonstrators against the regime) arrested in the recent riots.

Since sharing this tweet and deleting his account, many activists have called for the professor’s words to be clarified, even going so far as to fully affiliate him with the Iranian regime, calling him a regime spy. .

In a statement received following the publication of the article, McGill University expresses “acknowledgment of statements on social media regarding recent acts of violence against women and civil protests taking place in Iran which profoundly upset members of the McGill community.”

“We are monitoring the situation very closely and have contacted Iranian students at McGill directly to offer our support during this difficult time. We encourage all students, whether Iranian or not, who need support to turn to the resources available at McGill,” concludes the Montreal educational institution.

Petition against the professor and disappearance of his professional pages

In addition to Twitter, it seems that its various professional pages (LinkedIn, McGill University page and other public pages) have also disappeared from websites, such as here at Carleton University in Ottawa.


The professor’s remarks have gained a lot of momentum in the Iranian diaspora in the country, so much so that a petition on the site has even been launched against Mr. Shahriari.

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“Am I as much in danger here as at home?” – Nima Machouf

For Nimâ Machouf, researcher, epidemiologist and Canadian politician, member of the Iranian diaspora, this is a “deplorable” event.


QMI Agency archive photo, Toma Iczkovits

“The fact that he has pro-regime views is up to him. But his rejoicing over the possible death of protesters in Iran is extremely serious, and can be seen as a call for protesters here,” she said.

“How is it that this kind of remark can be made when he is lucky enough to be able to live and teach in Canada and in Montreal? This reduces the feeling of security and scares members of the diaspora. Am I as much in danger here as at home?” she adds.

For meme Machouf, the presence of this kind of character in the country is part of a well-known strategy of the mullahs’ regime, which is to multiply the presence of external agents and agents of intimidation against the diaspora.

“Canada is seen by the Iranian regime as a base for settlement overseas. Does the federal government really pay attention to who comes to settle here? she concludes.


According to a non-detailed official report dated yesterday, 41 people – including demonstrators and police – were killed in ten days of protests. But the toll could be heavier, with the Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights (IHR) reporting at least 57 protesters killed.

The article is in French

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