Is Uta Dead In One Piece Film: Red? The End Explained!

One Piece Film: Red was released on August 6, 2022 in Japan and ever since, fans have been raving about this 15e best movie in the franchise.

With several beloved characters making appearances and the film being eagerly promoted in the manga and anime by Oda himself, One Piece Film: Red quickly gained international acclaim.

This page contains spoilers for One Piece Film: Red.

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The film’s most famous aspect, however, is “antagonist” Uta, the pop icon with an “otherworldly voice”, which is none other than Shanks’ adoptive daughter with red hair. She wants to trap everyone in a perfect dream world forever, but Luffy and Shanks stop her in the end.

The ending of the film, however, is quite ambiguous and many fans wonder if Uta really died during the climax or if she is still alive.

It is implicitly suggested at the end of One Piece Film: Red that Uta is deceased. Shanks and Luffy’s grim and gloomy expressions and the Red Force’s coffin imply Uta’s death. But since we don’t see her body, she could still be alive, or in a coma.

At the end of the film, Uta sacrifices herself refusing Shanks’ medication to help him sleep.

She wants to stay awake to free the trapped citizens of her virtual world and escape Tot Musica’s influence. But the mushroom she ate to stay awake kills her in the end.

1. Full Plot, Explained

Uta’s original goal was to end the pain and misery of the world by taking its inhabitants and placing them in a dream world called Uta’s World, created through his impressive Devil Fruit abilities. .

She held her first live concert at Elegia, where as soon as she started singing, all of her listeners, including the Straw Hat Pirates, Law, Koby, Blueno, Bartolomeo and the rest, were transported to live at Uta World for all time.

Uta also eats a special mushroom that helps with insomnia and keeps her awake so she can continue to sing. Unfortunately, the mushroom has side effects that eventually drive the user crazy and lead to death.

This suicide mission revealed that the final boss of One Piece Film: Red is Uta herself.

Meanwhile, the Gorosei had sent the Marines to arrest Uta, not only because she had such power over people, but because she had the power potential to awaken a powerful ancient demon by singing from the sheet music Tot Musica. This monster, called the Devil King, is capable of “destroying the world”.

This Devil King exists in the world of Uta as well as the real world, and if summoned, it could be attacked in both worlds as well.

Besides, it’s the same monster that had destroyed the island once before.

Shanks had taken the blame on himself and confided in Uta Gordon, which led to his abandonment. This is what caused problems with Uta’s father in the first place and his dislike of hacking.

Robin tells the others that the the only way to escape from Uta’s world is for the devil king to be defeated from Uta’s world and the real world at the same time. But for that, Uta must first wake up the monster.

Luffy and his allies | Source: Fandom

Inside Uta’s world, her fans doubt her intentions and demand to be awakened. Uta is also dismayed by Luffy’s dream of being the Pirate King (she hates pirates).

At the same time, real-world Marines began attacking the sleeping bodies of citizens in order to get to Uta. The Red Hair Pirates arrive on the scene to arrest the Marines.

Red Haired Shanks | Source: IMDb

It all becomes too much for Uta and leads him to sing the Tot Musica and unleash the Devil King to stop all fighting. The monster possesses Uta, who loses her sentience under all the violence and influence of the mushroom.

Usopp from the dream world awakens his Observation Haki and uses it in conjunction with Yasopp in the real world. Luffy from the Uta world and Shanks from the real world coordinate with the help of Usopp and Yasopp to stop the Devil King.

The Straw Hat Pirates, the Red Hair Pirates, a few of the Big Mom Pirates, along with other allies, manage to destroy the monster. But Uta’s world and the real world merged because the monster had become too strong.

2. Climax and Uta’s Death

Shanks gives Uta a drug – an antidote to the mushroom’s properties – that would put her to sleep to prevent the mushroom from killing her.

Uta disagrees, saying that if she sleeps, everyone would remain trapped in this merged dream world. She must sing everyone to freedom.

And she does! Sleeping people regain consciousness and things return to normal. Except the the effects of the mushroom have reached their maximum.

As Luffy stands up, we see Uta from his perspective. He is already back on the sunny mile, having left Elegia. On the other side is the Red Force, where he can see Shanks and the others.

There is a coffin with a flag visible on board with everyone gathered around him. Luffy lowers his straw hat to cover his eyes and turns away with a grim expression on his face.

The way Luffy and Shanks – the Thousand Sunny and Red Force – part ways is also symbolic of their final farewell to Uta.a character who was Luffy’s childhood friend and Shanks’ adopted daughter, someone they cherished and loved until the end.

Would Uta still be alive?

It is possible that Uta is still alive. There’s an unspoken rule in One Piece that until we see a character die or see their body, they might still be alive, as we saw with Sabo.

Shanks could have made it look like Uta is dead because she is now seen as an enemy of the World Government. He’s lied to her before taking the blame for the Tot Musica Devil King, and could do it again.

Shanks also protected her from the Marines and fought just so Uta could come out of the battle alive. If she were dead, it would be a waste.

Shanks could have given her the antidote after the effects of the mushroom completely took over, which could indicate that she is in a coma and not actually dead.

At a time, Uta is the one who chose to die, so her death would be vindicated.

The coffin on the ship only solidifies that. That Uta refused the antidote to sing his last song to save everyone is fitting. Also, Uta will always live through his music, which is what the whole film is about: music brings peace to the world. It would be poetic if it ended like that.

In addition, Inside the official One Piece Film: Red booklet, there is mention of Uta’s coffin and his death.

Is Uta’s Death Cannon? Will she come back?

Uta’s character is canon, but her plot and the events of One Piece Film: Red are not canon. This means that while she may have died in the movie, she could still make an appearance in the manga or anime.

This also happened with Shiki, who was the antagonist of One Piece Film: Strong World.

Did Uta die in One Piece Film: Red? The ending explained!

Movie One Piece: Strong World | Source: Fandom

Uta’s backstory is canon, as is her relationship with Luffy. The plot surrounding his death and the story arc of the film itself are non-canonical, like all other One Piece films.

The best case scenario in my opinion is that Uta died in the movie, but not in the One Piece canon.

That way, we won’t have anything to belittle her sacrifice or diminish her character’s growth in the film, and yet make her exist in the main storyline – which is great, because there’s so much juice her character brings. to Shanks and Luffy.

About One Piece Movie: Red

One Piece Film: Red is the 15th film in the One Piece franchise. It is directed by Goro Taniguchi and produced by Toei Animation.

The story takes place on the island of music, Elegia, where the world’s greatest diva, Uta, holds her very first live performance. People from all corners of the land and sea come to see the most famous singer of all time, and Shanks’ alleged daughter, perform live for the first time.

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