Sexual assault: He targets a stranger in the metro

Sexual assault: He targets a stranger in the metro
Sexual assault: He targets a stranger in the metro

A recidivist sexual aggressor who savagely attacked a stranger in the Montreal metro has just been sent for psychiatric evaluation to see if he should be labeled a dangerous or long-term offender.

“Reports indicate that the risk of recidivism is ‘very high’ in both violent and sexual matters. He had the score of 5/5 [dans un des tests] “, summarized judge Josée Bélanger this Monday at the Montreal courthouse.

Luckenson Bernard Blanc, 39, will thus spend the next few months in the company of experts from the Philippe-Pinel Institute, who will assess whether he should be subject to longer surveillance once his sentence has been served for his crime. in February 2021.

That day, a student was on her way to work at the metro de l’Eglise when Blanc appeared to attack her. The woman struggled with all her might, screaming for help, but Blanc had time to commit a sexual assault before fleeing.

However, if he could be arrested later, it was because of his DNA collected from the victim’s mask.

Not a first

This was not White’s first sexual crime. In 2012, he had already been sentenced to four years in prison for a violent sexual assault, this time also committed on a student from the University of Montreal.

As the woman was on her way to the library, Blanc attacked her at knifepoint.

“I will kill you if you scream,” threatened the accused, who left the scene immediately after his crime.

In addition to these two sexual assaults, Blanc also received robbery convictions.

“In his background, there are four sentences of more than two years,” summarized Me Anna Levin of the Crown, asking for White’s assessment.

Me Louis Morena of the defense did not oppose the request at this stage.

Blanc, who is already detained, will return to court in two months for further proceedings.

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