Celine Dion seriously ill? Her doctor lifts the veil on the evil that gnaws at her, “She had a shock”

Celine Dion seriously ill? Her doctor lifts the veil on the evil that gnaws at her, “She had a shock”
Celine Dion seriously ill? Her doctor lifts the veil on the evil that gnaws at her, “She had a shock”

For several months now, Celine Dion’s state of health has been worrying her fans. Her tour Courage World Tour had to be rescheduled in September 2022. “I’m so sorry to have to change our plans for the European tour,” had she started before talking about her poor health. “First we had to move the shows because of the pandemic, now it’s my health issues,” she continued on Instagram, with tears in her eyes.

She can no longer get out of bed, move or walk. “explained one of his relatives to the magazine Here is in October 2021. Before adding: “ Theysuffering from pain in the legs and in the feet which paralyze her. She is very weak and lost a lot of weight. If the cancellation of Celine Dion’s concerts is indeed linked to her health problems, she was only very little entrusted about his illness.

Celine Dion, new revelations about her illness

This Friday, October 28, his doctor lifted the veil on the evil that gnaws at Celine Dion. He gave news of the singer during his visit to Virgin Radio. He then let it be known that Celine Dion would have suffered ” a shock » after the death of her husband René who was “ her protector, her husband, her idol “. The star then had to deal with many deaths in his surroundings. He also spoke of the deaths that the singer had to face, and which deeply affected her. upset.

A few days later, she lost her brother. And a few months later, she lost her mother. And a few months ago she lost her manager “, reported the doctor. These disappearances would thus have impacted the voice of the artist. Symptoms that are in addition to those she had shared with her fans on her social networks. If she is already suffering from severe and persistent muscle spasms “, she was also affected by a” hormonal shock as her doctor shared.

The singer’s doctor reveals more about the pathology that affects her

The health problems of the fifty-year-old unfortunately do not stop there. This ” accumulation “would also have created” a emotional shock “. According to the specialist, the consequence is therefore that “ the voice breaks “. A repercussion that directly impacts the career of the singer. ” When you sing, […] your voice is a mix between what you feel: that is to say your affective, your emotion and then your body itself “, explained the doctor to the antenna. Before continuing : ” When there is a conflict somewhereyour voice is no longer there. »

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An imminent return to the stage? Celine Dion’s sister responds

The interpreter’s doctor For you to love me again is not the only one to have given news of the singer. His sister, Claudette Dion, gave some details to the Canadian media Showbizz, this Wednesday, October 25. She thus stated: I always say that if Celine was not well, we would know. It would be impossible for her not to tell us. “Before continuing:” She wouldn’t have postponed her shows, she would have canceled them. And they are just postponed. Me, I said to him: ‘You are in menopause, calm down.’ »

Claudette also returned to the ” spasms of his sister. “ It’s true that she has muscle spasms. I saw her myself with a little twisted leg. […] She gets treated, she receives lots of messages, she takes advantage of it, she gets pampered. », she shared. She also wanted to be reassuring: She’s going back to the shows. Heard rehearsals done and it’s ‘mental sick’ “, she concluded. According to the indiscretions of the Deuxmoi Instagram account and the Vital Vegas Twitter account, the star would be cured. 95% ” and ” would be ready to perform again, as soon as possible “.

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