the stunning statements of Dahbia Benkired, the main suspect in the murder of Lola

the stunning statements of Dahbia Benkired, the main suspect in the murder of Lola
the stunning statements of Dahbia Benkired, the main suspect in the murder of Lola

The young woman would have confessed during her fourth hearing, reports The world. “It’s the bad seed of the family”, would have also explained his older sister to the investigators.

Currently under investigation formurder and rape with acts of torture and barbarity on a minor under 15 years old“, Dahbia Benkired, main suspect in the sordid murder of young Lola, would have confessed on Sunday October 16 at the end of the morning, during her fourth hearing, reports The world . According to our colleagues, the suspect – who until then claimed to have never seen Lola – would have started to speak after the investigators presented her with five photos of the girl’s corpse.

Dahbia Benkired occasionally lived in her sister’s studio at 119 rue Manin in Paris (19th arrondissement), located in the same building as Lola’s parents’ home. Facing the investigators, the suspect would have mentioned a dispute with the mother of the girl, caretaker of the building, concerning an access badge.

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I went to see the girl’s mother to get a pass, but she closed the door in my face. From that moment, I had hatred, I was not well (…) So what happens, after I see a girl who arrives with a pass and I ask her to lend it to me. She refused saying her parents didn’t want her to lend her keys. I had my suitcases to take down. This girl unlocked the door for me so I could get on the elevator. I forced her to go up with me in the elevator and all that happened, it happened in the apartment (…) Coming out with the briefcase, there was the victim in it“, she says, quoted by The worldto investigators.

Regarding the murder, the suspect reportedly said:I did not force her, she went up voluntarily, she was scared upstairs and I forced her to go home (…) I hit her a little, I was not well in fact I did what I had to do (…) I abused a little, just to have my pleasure and period“. She would then have explained to have written the number 1 and a 0 on the feet of the victim with red nail polish, without specifying what that meant.

‘She’s always causing trouble,’ says her older sister

always according to The worldthe older sister of Dahbia Benkired would have explained to the investigators that the suspect is “the bad seed“of the family and”always cause problems“. “She goes out. She returns. It’s useless, my sister. She shames me when I made her go out with me“, she would have continued, annoyed that she is not looking for work and never does the housework.

According to her older sister, Dahbia would have “have a kind of depressionafter the death of his parents and his behavior would have become disturbing. “For me, she is bipolar: sometimes she laughs, sometimes not. All the time she changes“, she explains. In September, when they both slept in the same room in the studio on rue Manin, Dahbia allegedly woke her sister around 3 a.m. saying: “I have received a message. They are going to kill me. They will kill me on the 16th“.

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