Mohammed V University wins 6 gold medals

Mohammed V University wins 6 gold medals
Mohammed V University wins 6 gold medals

The Mohammed V University of Rabat (UM5) won six gold medals, 12 innovation masters and two international prizes at the International Exhibition Innovation Week in Africa (IWA 2022), held on November 10 and 11 with the participation of 23 countries and regions and more than 600 inventions and innovations.

These distinctions were awarded to Pr. Ammor Hassan of the Mohammadia School of Engineers (EMI) and his team (Qanoune Samiya, Baayer Jalal, Saim Mohammed Marouane, Khadiri Mouna, Ait Benali Lahcen, Terhzaz Jaouad and Tribek Abdelwahed, Assabir Abdelmoujoud , Belhaf Lahcen and ASSABIR Abdelkhalek) for their innovative projects, the university said in a statement. These projects relate to a new intelligent microwave imaging scanner for the detection of breast cancer, the design of an original miniaturized 4G antenna in microstrip technology for the new generation of mobile telephony minimizing the thermal effect of GSM on the human head, as well as a novel cardiovascular risk assessment and prediction based on machine learning.

It is also a quadruple frequency micro-strip patch antenna for 4G and 5G wireless communication, a digital technique for the electromagnetic characterization of a liquid in microwaves and the identification of users based on the visible luminaire. existing in the ATM, we specify from the same Source. In addition to the medals, the president of the Mohammed V University in Rabat, Mohammed Rhachi, was awarded the International Prize “Excellence in Innovation and Leadership”, while the director of the Technological Innovation Center (EMI) Hassan Ammor won the International Award “Best Innovation Ecosystem”.

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