A school project postponed in Bouaye because of the price of energy

A school project postponed in Bouaye because of the price of energy
A school project postponed in Bouaye because of the price of energy

VSwas the flagship project of the mandate, but the flagship is a bit off.” Jacques Garreau, the mayor of Bouaye is bitter. His town had to postpone the construction of a school because of the rising gas prices.

“To build this new school, we had to borrow and therefore repay 250,000 euros per year. The problem is that the increase in the price of gas costs us 240,000 euros per year. So what we had planned to put for repay the loans, we will use it to pay for today’s heating. In the meantime, the project is postponed.”

Committed to a previous contract, Bouaye was unable to join the gas purchasing group of the Metropolis. When this contract ended, and while waiting to be able to join the purchasing group, the municipality of 8,000 inhabitantsfound herself alone to negotiate prices. For the moment, the city therefore buys its gas month by month, “but you can’t build a budget like that“, insists the mayor, who hopes soon to be able to sign a longer-term contract.

“Energy sobriety is not an option”

For us, energy sobriety is not an option, assures Jacques Garreau, we are forced to go in this direction to save our municipal finances” Bouaye is not the only city concerned. In order to preserve the finances of the municipalities as much as possible and to reduce its energy consumption, Nantes Métropole presented this Thursday its sobriety plan.

Nantes Métropole’s sobriety plan

Heating at 19 in the administrative buildings, lowering of one degree in the temperature of the swimming pools or extinction of the luminous advertising panels between midnight and 6 am; in total, the municipalities have agreed on 23 measures.

The community’s goal is to reduce energy consumption by 10% by 2024. To achieve this, elected officials have implemented emergency measures and wish to develop projects related to energy savings over the next few years. The replacement of public lighting by LEDs by 2026 is mentioned in particular.

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