A new publishing house is born in Drummondville

A new publishing house is born in Drummondville
A new publishing house is born in Drummondville

LITERATURE. Promoting the culture of children’s books in the region, this is the mission that Aurélien Galvan has given himself by founding his own publishing house Les chenapans.

Illustration has always been part of Aurélien Galvan’s life. Since he was young, the Drummondville resident has dreamed of writing his own stories. He decided to take the leap when he became a father. “I have two daughters. I wanted to teach them things, including values. It’s hard to have conversations like this with kids. Illustrated books are the best way to communicate with them. This is an opportunity to stimulate their imagination, discuss several subjects and do activities around the themes addressed, ”says the one who worked as a photographer for six years.

Aurélien Galvan fell in love with the world of children’s literature, which is why he decided to devote himself to it professionally. Two years ago he released his first album titled Coco, where are you? with the publisher Monsieur Ed. The projects followed one another, both as author and illustrator. He was even approached to participate in a book project in Europe.

Over the course of his publications, the Drummondville resident developed an interest in publishing. “I realized that I had all the skills to publish my own books. Making artistic choices to end up with a physical object stimulated me. As a photographer, I have known all the spheres of printing. I had a certain background that made me feel like I belonged in this environment.

The 35-year-old took action by founding a publishing house. “I chose the name Les chenapans. I find that the mischievous side is what best represents youth. Children are bubbling with life and that’s what I want to promote with my publishing house. Also, I don’t want to spare them. I want to tackle rather deep themes, while preserving the innocence of childhood and the playful side, ”he explains.

For the occasion, Aurélien Galvan invites the public to discover his first publication Leo Padevag. This is the story of a young boy who wonders what power he has as an individual.

The album has a special meaning in the eyes of Drummondvillois. “I want to inspire readers to follow their passions. It’s an idea that was relevant for a first book. It fits my situation perfectly. It’s a parallel with my desire to create my publishing house,” he maintains, specifying that this project is supported by the Cultural Fund of the MRC of Drummond.

For those interested, Aurélien Galvan is organizing a signing session at the Petite fripouille boutique on Saturday December 3 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The latter is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​diving into this new adventure. “I want to highlight the human aspect. For the moment, I will concentrate on self-published projects”, he mentions, specifying that he is open to collaborating with other authors if their manuscripts respect the vision of the publishing house.

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