Arabian Peninsula: “Google, who is Jesus?”

Arabian Peninsula: “Google, who is Jesus?”
Arabian Peninsula: “Google, who is Jesus?”

Saudi on his smartphone. (illustrative photo)

In the Arabian Peninsula, the internet and smartphones allow people to have access to the message of the Gospel. They do it in secret because they will be persecuted if their interest in the Christian faith is discovered.

In France, if someone is interested in the Christian faith, there are plenty of opportunities to get informed. He can go to a church and talk with the faithful. Or buy a book on the subject in a bookstore, knock on the door of a Christian neighbour… None of this is possible in the Arabian Peninsula, where the internet is often the only way to hear about the message of the Gospel.

Before the internet, the obstacle course!

In Saudi Arabia, there are no churches. In Qatar or the United Arab Emirates, they are only accessible to foreigners. But that’s not all: anyone wishing to enter a place of worship must first submit to an identity check.

Buying a Christian book is also a challenge: in general, Christian literature is only sold in churches. If there is no church, it is impossible to obtain one. Except in Bahrain, where the Bible is sold outside of churches.

All local Christians live their faith in the greatest secrecy! Before the generalization of the Internet, a foreign Christian living in the Arabian Peninsula and a person interested in his faith had to meet in a public place. In a cafe for example. It was risky, because the foreigner could be expelled and his interlocutor be questioned by the police. But it was even more dangerous for a local Christian: he took the risk of revealing his faith to a person who could betray him.

Today, with the internet, doors have opened to find out what the Bible says.

From the internet, we ask questions to Google

Since the Arab Spring, using the internet and walking in the street with a smartphone are two commonly accepted practices in the region. Internet being anonymous, Muslims in spiritual search do not hesitate to use it to find information on the Christian faith. Among the most frequent searches on Google are:

“Who is Jesus?”, “Did Jesus say he was the son of God?”, “Is the Bible corrupt?” or “Do Christians believe in 3 gods?”

Every year, tens of thousands of people do this kind of research. At the end of a perilous journey, from virtual to real, Muslims in search end up connecting to Jesus! It is often the beginning of a path that can lead to persecution.

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