“We only have broken equipment, no victims, that’s the most important” according to the SNCF

“We only have broken equipment, no victims, that’s the most important” according to the SNCF
“We only have broken equipment, no victims, that’s the most important” according to the SNCF

The day after the derailment of the wagons of a freight train at Carcassonne station, Catherine Trevet, Occitanie territorial director for SNCF network answered our questions. Priority: assess the damage to repair as soon as possible. Train traffic is interrupted between Narbonne and Castelnaudary.

For Catherine Trevet, Occitanie territorial director for Sncf network, the priority is the assessment of the damage caused by the derailment of several wagons of a freight train, yesterday Wednesday, November 23 at Carcassonne station in Aude.

Since yesterday at the end of the day, the SNCF teams have been walking the tracks on foot to identify the areas to be repaired. Tracks, platforms, catenaries and signaling must be checked“, details Catherine Trevet.

The priority today is to establish a precise diagnosis of the breakage of the infrastructures in order to repair them as quickly as possible and restart the circulation of the trains.

Catherine Trevet, Territorial Director SNCF Occitanie network

According to management, the teams worked part of the night in the rain to establish this diagnosis. They continue their work this Thursday morning.

To finalize the diagnosis, it is also necessary to raise the wagons. an operation that will necessarily take time according to the explanations of Catherine Trevet.

“The lifting of the wagons is done in two stages: first you have to evacuate the convoy with the wagons that have remained on the rails and then raise the wagons that have derailed.”

For the wagons that have come off the tracks, we need a Kirow railway crane, specially dedicated to lifting trains that have derailed. It is in Lyon for the moment and must be sent to Carcassonne.

Catherine Trevet, director SNCF Occitanie network

It is on the basis of this diagnosis that the work to be carried out will be established.

Experts arrive in Carcassonne to identify the cause of the accident. “There is no preferred hypothesis at this time.“, specifies Catherine Trevet, “The incident caused significant material damage but it is only breakage, there are no victims, we are really not in the same situation as in Brétigny.”

Impossible for the moment to give a date for the resumption of traffic. The SNCF has set up replacement coaches. It invites travelers to consult its site in order to consider any trip in this sector: ter.sncf.com/occitanie

Written with Margaux Chevalet and Frédéric Guibal.

The article is in French

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