Landing: the ethics committee of the Tribute to Heroes project in the crosshairs of opponents

Landing: the ethics committee of the Tribute to Heroes project in the crosshairs of opponents
Landing: the ethics committee of the Tribute to Heroes project in the crosshairs of opponents

By Writing Le Bessin
Published on 24 Nov 22 at 7:50 PM

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At the head of the citizen collective of Ver-sur-Mer, Maxi Krause does not disarm in the face of the project of historical evocation of the Landings piloted by the company Hommage aux Héros. ©Archives/Frédéric BOURGEOIS

The creation of an ethics committee whose mission is to ensure respect for the memory of the D Day in the show project Tribute to Heroes – without taking a position on the environmental dimension – does not satisfy the opponents.

the Citizen Committee of Ver-sur-Mer for the defense of our heritage, the Committee of Bayeux against D-Day-land, the Collective against D-Day-land (Sainte-Marie-du-Mont), Cotentin Nature – Quality of Life, PNPV wonder about the roles of the ethics committee.

Does a committee that refuses to deal with the basic question, that refuses to think about environmental issues and to take a position, deserve the qualification of ethics?

Maxi Krause

“There is no need for special skills to know the current problems and the disastrous effects of the project on the environment: All you have to do is read the press or the many observations submitted during the two preliminary consultations. Or simply being receptive to the expectations of young people, who, in France and elsewhere, constantly call for respect for the environment and the fight against global warming. Because it is their future! Ensuring it is part of our duties as citizens”, insists Maxi Krausewho, at the head of the Collectif citoyen de Ver-sur-Merwas the first to rise up against the Tribute to Heroes.

“Where would they get this skill from?” »

“We take note of the fact that the members of the ethics committee are not historians. Curiously, the Hommage aux Héros society did indeed confer this role on them during the prior consultation, stating that this ethics committee will ensure the historical veracity of the facts so that this show is faithful to reality. Where does this particular skill come from, which is that of specialists in the sciences of education, psychology and historians? Where does this conviction come from that the disappearance of the last witnesses would be equal to the disappearance of memory? »

“An argument that does not hold”

According Maxi Krause and opponents of the project, it is “an argument fabricated by the Hommage aux Héros society and repeated by the defenders of the project and which is worthless”. She illustrates: “Our museums are constantly adapting. We haven’t forgotten July 14, 1789, we haven’t forgotten 1914-18 and November 11… why would we forget June 6, 1944? While we live, work and walk among the remains of this 1944 battle? And are we still threatened by shells, bombs and other pebbles of phosphorus on our beaches and in our lands? While there are always families who have not been able to grieve? »

“The opponents would express themselves on what exactly? »

Finally, Maxi Krause and the opponents of the Tribute to Heroes project ask the following question: “Declaring itself incompetent in matters of the environment and refusing to comment on it, why does the ethics committee say it wants to listen to the arguments put forward by the two parties, favorable and opposed to the project? Would the opponents only have to express themselves on… on what exactly? Because it is precisely for ethical reasons that we are opposed to the very principle of making war a tourist attraction, to the destruction of the environment and to the failure to respect the right of future generations to live in a balanced and respectful environment. health! »

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