Fiat 2022 cars: here are the prices in Europe at the end of the year

Since the signing, on October 13, of the partnership between the Ministry of Industry and the Italian manufacturer Fiat, a subsidiary of the Stellantis group, one question in particular has been burning the lips of Algerians: What will be the prices of Fiat cars marketed in Algeria? Will these be accessible to everyone?

To answer this question, our colleagues from Echourouk went to the Italian town of Fabriano to inquire on the spot about the prices displayed by the new Fiat vehicles in November 2022. The investigation focused mainly on models likely to be, firstly, imported, then, secondly, assembled in the Oran plant from November 2023. These are the models: 500, Panda, Tipo and 500 X.

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From the outset, the journalist notices that the Fiat showroom is rather bare. New cars are missing. Asking an employee about the reasons for this “shortage”, he explains that it is due to the microchip crisis experienced by the global automotive market. Therefore, to buy a new vehicle, a waiting period of 6 months is often necessary.

But before getting to the heart of the matter, you should know that the prices we will give in this article are for illustrative purposes only. Because the tax system Italian differs from its equivalent in Algeria. For example, the rate of VAT in Italy is 22% while in Algeria it is 19%. In addition, Fiat will market its vehicles in Algeria with the bank exchange rate.

Fiat 500, Panda, Tipo, 500X: how much does it cost in Italy?

Turning now to the prices of the four main models of the Italian manufacturer in 2022, namely the Fiat 500, Panda, Tipo and 500X, here is what the survey reports.

Note : We will give the prices in euro and in dinar with the official exchange rate (i.e., currently, 1 euro for 143 dinars).

Let’s start with the most popular model. The Fiat 500 Metanothree-door with hybrid engine 1.0 (gasoline and natural gas), costs the trifle of 17,800 € (2,545,400 DZD). For the Dolcevita version (petrol-natural gas), the price increases to 20,500 € (2,931,500 DZD). However, it should be noted that natural gas as a fuel is not available in Algeria. Our country only has LPG.

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As for the small city car, the fiat-panda (petrol and natural gas; 1.0 or 1.2 litres) its price ranges from €13,400 (DZD1,916,200) at 16,200 € (2,316,600 DZD). These are the cheapest models of the Italian brand. The price of the Cross version of the Panda (hybrid engine), reaches 18,200 € (2,602,600 DZD).


The compact car, the fiat tipo is available in two versions, hybrid and petrol. The 1.5-litre hybrid model costs between €26,790 (DZD 3,830,970) and €31,200 (DZD 4,461,600). The five-door model with 1.0-litre petrol engine is priced between €21,200 (DZD3,031,600) and 25,700 € (3,675,100 DZD).

We will end this overview with another popular model from Fiat, the 500 X urban crossover. It is available with two hybrid drive systems: petrol-natural gas and petrol-diesel. Its value ranges from 27,850 € (3,982,550 DZD), for the basic version, to 35,850 € (5,126,500 DZD) for Sport Pack 1.5.

Red Fiat Tipo

fiat tipo

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